FanHome – Iron Man Partwork Build Up Model Subscription Box #1 Review

FanHome – Iron Man Partwork Build Up Model Subscription Box #1 Review


Fanhome is a offering a new subscription box consisting of an Iron Man Partwork Build Up Model that is made of both metal and high-quality ABS. Iron Man comes in pieces in each box, and you need to put each piece together to create this 24″ collectible figure. Iron Man Mark III armor features LED lights on the reactor, hand repulsors, boot thrusters and mask visor, and the figure is loaded with articulation and detail.



The subscription starts at the introductory price of $1.00 USD, and each part of Iron Man you build comes with its own magazine that features instructions for assembly, and explores both Marvel films and comic books through the character’s history.

Thank you to FanHome for providing their Iron Man Partwork Build Up Model Subscription Box #1 for review. 

Availability: 2021

The subscription box is a standard shipping box, with purple and brown, with the FanHome logo in the front. Inside, is everything included, including two magazines, the packaging for the helmet and left foot, four batteries, a poster and multiple brochures. The video above showcases the interiors of the brochures, and gives an in-depth look of the magazines along with the step by step instructions of the building process.


This box comes with the helmet and left foot of Iron Man, each given an LED light that is installed inside. The parts are made of of both metal and plastic pieces, with the metal parts given a metallic red coating to give him the likeness. The faceplate is the only piece that has a gold metallic finish. The instructions are pretty clear and they do a nice job explaining and giving each piece a letter to help identify what it is and where it goes, but you will need at least a moderate understanding of building and at least a few years of experience in some cases to understand what to do. While this is pretty clear even for a beginner level, there are some steps that may prove to be difficult and it’s also easy to miss something even if you are experienced.

Each piece connects nicely and held in place with included small screws that are given letters and placed in small bags. As the screws are small, and if you find you made a mistake, they do tend to warp overtime if placed on and off too many times, so it would be wise to take the building process slow.


The helmet features a great likeness and the LED light shines through his eyes, with the battery hidden underneath the faceplate, which can be easily lifted off. The LED light works be turning the left ear piece (when he’s facing you), which activates it.


The left foot has hinged toes, and the LED light shines at the bottom, with the battery pack and button to turn it on hidden underneath the removable piece on top.

On both cases, I could not figure out why the LED light isn’t working and even tried a new battery cell. The construction is right as far as I can tell, but the light doesn’t seem to want to turn on, and apologies for not being able to figure this one out! The wires to the battery packs on both of these and the placement of everything seems to be correct, and as I said above, I even took it apart a few times to check the work. If you have trouble, make sure to watch the tutorial video on Fanhome as the video does help!

Overall, the quality and detail on this is amazing, and once put completely together this figure is going to look amazing! Fans are surely in for a treat with the subscription, and the inclusion of free gifts as shown in the brochures, and fun magazines makes this an easy decision to start a subscription. My recommendation would be to subscribe, and sets like this have been extremely popular to do during quarantine.




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