Extreme-Sets – J-806M Pop Up Diorama 1/12th Scale Review


Extreme-Sets are now offering wave 10 and the display packs wave 2 pop up dioramas, which includes the 1:12 scale Deluxe Control Center, Deluxe Headquarters, J-806M, Dungeon, Mansion, Hallway, Animated Sewer and Vintage Backstage. Also available is the 1:18 scale sets of the Vintage Backstage, Hallway, J-806M and the Asylum. These are meant for action figures and photography, along with a great way to display your collection. All of these and more can be ordered now at

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Travel across the Multiverse with your action figure photography and set up shop on the Cosmos Back Street Pop-Up. This new design is perfect for all of your science fiction needs. This astonishing city Pop-Up is located in a universe that is not so distant for your toy photo desires.

The Cosmos Backdrop features four immensely detailed panels that stand 14 inches tall. Each of the panels features a new science fiction inspired design that makes your action figure a part of a living breathing world. Two of the wall panels feature blast doors that can removed. Along with those blast doors, you also get a 3D alleyway with stairs that extends the toy action out further. The Cosmos Back Street Pop-Up also features a floor panel to create the perfect setting for your figure of choice from head to toe. Don’t miss out on what will be the perfect set-up for any intergalactic toy photo you want to tell.


  • Seamless connecting panels
  • Create the ultimate environment experience for your action figures
  • 3D Staircase to add even more depth to each and every photo
  • 3D Opening doors


  •  Four (4) 20″ wide x 14″ tall panels (Connect them as you wish)
  •  One (1) 12″ wide x 8″ deep x 14″ tall stairs
  •  One (1) 2″ wide x 14″ tall 3D columns
  •  One (1) 38″ x 28″ ground panels
  •  Three (3) 3D Doors


  • 1:12 – This product is to scale to all 6″-7″ action figures.

Thank you to Extreme-Sets for providing their J-806M Pop Up Diorama for review. 

Availability: September 2021


The J-806M Pop Up Diorama is inspired from science fiction backdrops, such as something you would see on Star Wars, on one of the many planets that has a population of many different aliens. This diorama features grey stone walls with a dark grey wash to make it look old, and a dirt road that folds up.

There are a total of three blast doors that are removable, and interior artwork of the alcove as you walk through the door. Each door is designed the same way, with the same artwork and attention to detail, and has to placed behind the openings in the wall. There is also a column that can be placed anywhere in the set, including against the wall or the middle of the street.



The stairway and alley behind it is one of the key features about this diorama, and is placed behind the entrance in the wall. The stairs are each a different piece that are folded and placed on. The alleyway behind it can be dark, so you might want to shine a light from above or direct at it to get that shot.

There are a total of four walls, and you can move them around as you wish as you don’t have to set this up exactly as shown in the photo’s, such as the stairs can be placed on either side, for example. Three of the walls have the entrance way for the blast doors, and one for the stairway. The stairway opening is the largest of the four walls, so that’s each to spot. The other openings are the same size, as the blast doors are also the same size, it doesn’t matter how they’re arranged.


The floor is one piece that folds up, and looks to be three panels in one. The artwork depicts a dirt road, so it fits in nicely with a sci-fi theme such as Star Wars.



For this photoshoot, I went with many different era’s of Star Wars figures from the 6″ Black Series line, and this diorama works for 6-7″ figures, but you can also use something smaller or larger if you prefer. Going with the sci-fi theme, this could work for many different lines that are space oriented.

Setting this up was pretty much straight forward, except for the stairs as I had not done that with previous sets. That will take some time and at least moderate understanding of how these work. Look at these pictures closely and the pictures on Extreme-Sets to get a look at what it is supposed to look like. The doorways weren’t much of a challenge especially if you’ve set up other 3D objects like this from other sets, but be away these are fragile so handle everything with case.

Once you finish the stairs, it might be wise to tape the ends (I used tape and staples) and connect the stairs together so they stay in place. Doing so will require you to store it set up, and you won’t be able to fold it back up without risking damaging the artwork and cardboard.

Overall, Extreme-Sets have once again outdone themselves and this is truly an amazing set with a lot of great display, play and photography options. The artwork is amazing, great quality and attention to detail on the wall panels, 3D stairs and doorways. This is definitely something you need to own especially for photography and toy display.



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