Disney Store Exclusive – Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Toy Box Wrecker Figure Review

Disney Store Exclusive – Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Toy Box Wrecker Figure Review


Disney Store is now offering their Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Toy Box Wrecker Figure that is part of this exclusive line, and inspired from the Disney+ animated series. Wrecker is the first character from The Bad Batch to be introduced in the Star Wars Toy Box line, as we’ve previously seen Star Wars characters that were seen in Disney Infinity, the game that initially was the inspiration for this line back in 2017. Wrecker would be the second Star Wars character to see release that is not part of the game, and last years The Mandalorian with Grogu figures would be the first. Wrecker is priced at $12.99 and you can buy him now at the Disney Store.

Thank you to Disney and the Disney Store for providing their Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Toy Box Wrecker Figure for review. 

Availability: September 2021

Wrecker is packaged in the standard Toy Box blister card, with packaging artwork, an image of him on the side, and the back gives you look at Wrecker along with Captain Rex, Ahsoka Tano and General Grievous, all of which has been released. Wrecker is #23 of the Star Wars Toy Box line. Each brand in the Toy Box line are given their own unique numbering (Ex: Marvel, Pixar, Disney, Star Wars).


Wrecker is given a bulky figure sculpt to resemble his likeness as seen in the Disney+ series The Bad Batch, and comes in his clone trooper armor. The Bad Batch are outcasts clone troopers, and Wrecker is depicted as a strong muscular clone, which comes out nicely in this figures likeness. The armor is cast in dark grey, with a on the chest, knee pads, and shoulder pads, with some red deco applied on the chest, hips, shoulder pads, helmet, wrists and backpack. The helmet is most painted in white, black and some red symbols on the top, with beautifully done paint applications applied to depict the likeness as seen in Bad Batch. This helmet is not removable, but given the amount of deco applied here and crisp lines that’s quite alright with me. In addition to this, the shoulder pads have skull labels applied, and the light grey wash also is placed over the red stripes, which is a nice touch.

The backpack also cannot be removed, and includes two holes to store the blaster, including the side, and front of it. He also features a holster for his knife on his right knee, which fits firmly inside.

His articulation is similar to other figures in the line, including a swivel neck, ball hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, waist rotation, ball jointed hips, swivel-hinged knees, hinged and rocker ankles.



Overall, Wrecker is a great figure with a really cooling design that Toy Box collectors will love. The overall quality and attention to detail came out great, and the designers assigned to this line have been improving on detail, likeness and overall design since the line initially started. A great example of the improvement would be with Captain Rex, Ahsoka Tano, The Mandalorian and Wrecker for the Star Wars Toy Box offerings. Make sure to grab Wrecker now while you still can at the Disney Store. International available for the Toy Box line has also be available, so check your country’s Disney Store for availability.


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