Playmobil 70633 Back to the Future Marty’s Pickup Truck Set Review

Playmobil 70633 Back to the Future Marty’s Pickup Truck Set Review


Playmobil continues their popular Back to the Future offerings with Marty’s Pickup Truck, which is a Toyota Xtra Cab SR5. Marty was seen driving the truck in 1985, with Jennifer as a passenger. The set includes Marty, Jennifer and Biff Tanner offered in the Playmobil figure style, and is available now.

Thank you to Playmobil for providing their Back to the Future Marty’s Pickup Truck for review.

Availability: October 2021

Marty’s Pickup Truck is packaged in a box with some great looking artwork giving it a scene, as inspired from the film. The sides and back include images of the Truck and figures. Also included inside is a postcard with nicely done artwork on the front, such as Marty and the DeLorean.



Marty’s Pickup Truck measures roughly 9″ long, 5″ wide and 5″ in height, and is a two seater with an exposed back. It features four rotating rubber tires, opening back and truck. There are some labels that need to be applied, such as the head and rear lights, license plates, and the Playmobil logo and reflective lights.

The Truck includes seating for both Marty and Jennifer, and Marty can hold onto the steering wheel, which can rotate. The top of the truck has additional lights that can be placed on the railing.


The set includes Marty McFly, Biff Tannen and Jennifer figures, each in outfits inspired from the film and done in the Playmobil figure style. Marty and Jennifer comes with watches that go onto their wrists, which are small and could be easily lost. Biff comes with a spray bottle and cloth for detailing, and Jennifer includes her purse that can snap into her hand and the strap over her shoulder.


Since the truck has an open back, Biff and other figures, such as Doc can be placed on the back for if you choose.

Overall, for Back to the Future fans, this is definitely worth picking up as it’s a vehicle that I believe we never got a toy from before, and definitely makes a great additional to the line.


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