Bandai Spirits Pac-Man Proplica Waka Waka Review


Bandai is now offering their Pac-Man Proplica Waka Waka that is inspired from the 1980’s classic game. Pac-Man has had a very long history dating back from 1980, which is when the original arcade came out, and has continued through the decades to be a fan-favorite. This new release comes after the 40th anniversary celebration, and special offerings like this means only more cool toys that you still need to add to your gaming collection.



The S.H. Figuarts Pac-Man figure released earlier this year was based on the character’s design, and this Proplica release is based on his in-game version that you control as he chases ghosts and eats tiny white ¬†dots.

Thank you to Bandai Spirits for providing their Pac-Man Proplica Waka Waka for review. 

Availability: August 2021

Pac-Man is packaged in a window box with artwork inspired from the game, including an image of the Proplica inside on the front, sides and back, along with the sounds he makes written next to the head. Pac-Man requires three LR-44 batteries, which are included.


Pac-Man is round, yellow with black eyes, and a hinged mouth that opens and closes just as he looks in the game, and looks just as does in the game. For the most part, Pac-Man doesn’t get a toy made with just the head with mechanical features, as he’s usually offered with arms and legs as often depicted on game covers, animated series and other media. The in-game appearance is widely known, but just the head doesn’t usually get a single toy release, so getting this in-hand with gaming sounds is something that you rarely see on the store shelves.


On the bottom, there is a small wheel that turns as you move him forward on a surface, which opens and closes and mouth, and actives the sounds from the game. The sounds start up by first removing the back panel, and flipping the switch on. The small wheel can also be placed on the black base, which has a groove in it to fit the wheel, so you can now display him.

There are several different sounds that play after moving him on a surface, and you need to move him manually as he lacks and motorized function. This is to keep costs down, and allows you the ability to control Pac-Man just like you can in the game.

Overall, this is surely the definitive Pac-Man collectible to own for gamers and toy collectors, and it’s a great likeness to his in-game appearance and generally fun to play around with. The ability to open and close his mouth and make sounds is a nice touch, and ultimately adds value.



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