Extreme-Sets – Deluxe Headquarters Pop Up Diorama Review


Extreme-Sets are now offering wave 10 and the display packs wave 2 pop up dioramas, which includes the 1:12 scale Deluxe Control Center, Deluxe Headquarters, j-806M, Dungeon, Mansion, Hallway, Animated Sewer and Vintage Backstage. Also available is the 1:18 scale sets of the Vintage Backstage, Hallway, J-806M and the Asylum. These are meant for action figures and photography, along with a great way to display your collection. All of these and more can be ordered now at

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The Headquarters Pop-Up gets the deluxe treatment this time around, and this is a must have item for any fan. This well crafted Pop-Up gets the Supersized treatment, and is now a massive playground for your action figures to explore. Each of the three highly detailed wall panels create a massive background for your toy photo shots. Also included are two highly detailed walls with an interior that provides a new level of depth for your action figure needs. The two 3D control panels create a unique set experience with countless possibilities for your toy photography or display desires. Also packed in is one ground panel to help create the perfect setting for any collectible you have. Standing at 15.5 inches tall, this Pop-Up is the perfect backdrop to have your action figures assemble at for their next adventure.


  • Made of cardboard
  • Create the ultimate environment experience for your action figures
  • Move the panels around and recreate in seconds
  • Impressive scale
  • Jail cell
  • Door opening
  • 3D control components


  • Five (5) 19” wide x 15.5″ tall Wall panels (Right out of box easy assembly)
  • Two (2)  16″ wide x 15.5″ tall 4″ deep (Right out of box easy assembly)
  • Three (3) 19″ wide x 19″ long flooring panels
  • Two (2) 3D Control Panels


  • 1:12 – This product is to scale to all 6″-14” action figures.

Thank you to Extreme-Sets for providing their Headquarters Pop Up Diorama for review.

Availability: September 2021

The Deluxe Headquarters features the likeness of a base of operations either in a mountain or underground, with artwork of rocks on the top of all walls indicating this. The artwork is phenomenal and has an animated type vibe to it, given the bright colors on the walls, computer consoles, and all the screens. Each computer screen is different with various images, data bars, and buttons on each wall.


The set features two 3D computer consoles that fold out, with controls are are placed just below the screens that are part of the artwork featured on the walls. It also features a jail cell with bars, an open door, three floor panels, and you can move each panel around for custom designs and looks based on what you like, including moving each of the wall panels to the back or sides. There are a total of seven wall panels, all but two (which are the alcoves that are used for the prison and the open door), are given unique artwork and designs that fit perfectly with the Transformers brand, but you can also use it for anything you like.


The primary color of this diorama is purple, with a black wash and outlines, computer screens, controls, and additional detail with various colors, and there are also rocks on a number of the panels indicating this is an underground base, or possibly a crashed ship in a mountain.


The scale works best for 1/12th scale figure, or 6-8″ but could also work for something larger. Transformers works best given the artwork and the various scales of the brand, but can also work for something that is comic or cartoon based. Obviously, the primary focus on this diorama are the computers and great attention to detail on the wall art.

Overall, Extreme-Sets have once again outdone themselves and this is truly an amazing set with a lot of great display, play and photography options. The artwork is amazing, great quality and attention to detail on the wall panels, 3D computer panels and floor panels. This is definitely something you need to own, no matter if you are an adult of child. The opening door, computer consoles and jail makes this a great option to display or photograph your figures for photography and toy display.



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