Titanic Creations – Titanicus & Nosferadon Figures Review


Titanic Creations is offering a new line of Kaiju figures that would fit in perfectly with Godzilla and other 6″ – 7″ scale figures, and is part of their Soul Wars series that is available now. Both figures are highly detailed as you would expect from any Kaiju line, limited points of articulation, and each costs $60 USD.



Official descriptions:

Titanicus An ancient monster that was first spotted in 1912 when he attacked the infamous RMS Titanic. The monster’s appearance triggered the creation of project serenity which has been tasked with keeping the public unknowing of the true horrors that lay in the ocean.

Titanicus origins are mysterious with many experts in the field believing that the monster was an ancient superweapon created by Atlantis. Beyond the attack on the Titanic, Titanicus has also been known to sink merchant ships and has been rumored to live near the Bermuda Triangle.

Titanicus is the first monster in Titanic Creation’s Soul Wars series. The figure stands 6” tall and 12” long and has 4 points of articulation.

NosferadonA planet’s last chance at survival!

Nosferadon was designed by the inhabitants of his home planet to stop the Griffixis creature unfortunately there was not enough time. As the monster was laying waste to the planet they shot Nosferadon’s egg into space hoping that one day it could save another planet from the cruel fate that had fallen theirs.

Eventually, the egg landed on earth and was discovered by a young Jewish boy in 1930’s Germany named Wolf. As Nosferadon hatched he created a bond with Wolf. After Wolf’s parents were taken away Nosferadon and Wolf both set out trying to find them while also knowing that one day the Griffixis pathogen could come to Earth and Nosferadon would have to live up to his destiny of stopping it.

Nosferadon is the second monster in the Titanic Creation’s Soul Wars series. The figure stands 6.5” tall and is 12” long and comes with 5 points of articulation.

Editor’s Note – There’s 7 points of articulation as stated in the review.

Thank you to Titanic Creations for sending along their Titanicus & Nosferadon figures for review. 

Availability: November 2021

Both Titanicus and Nosferadon are packaged in boxes with fantastic artwork with the characters on the front, their names above them, a city and a skyscraper in the backdrop, including around the sides and back. Both figures include a comic book, and come in a plastic tray for safe keeping.


Titanicus features a body that is similar to Godzilla, with sculpted textures and details on the skin, bones and spikes on the back, tail, chest, and top of the head. The figure is primarily grey, with a light grey bones, spikes, finger and toe nails. The end of the tail looks like a claw and it looks like he can use his tail as a weapon to whip around other Kaiju monsters. The big bone structure on his back is a nice touch, and in the comic it almost looks like a sharks fin in the water. The spike on his forehead is another great aspect about the figure, as is his facial details, including the eyes and open mouth. In the comic, he is seen firing his ice blast, so we get an idea on his power even though the figure doesn’t have an attachment mouth piece to mimic that.

His articulation includes hinged shoulders and hinged hips.


Nosferadon is given bright colors that works great for him, and given a fantastic looking sculpt, with wings, a long tail and visible bone structures. This character is unique looking considering all of the Kaiju monsters we’ve seen, given all the great sculpted textures and details given, the bright colors, the six eyes and wings. He is primarily purple and grey, with some orange and yellow translucent wings. His head sculpt features an open mouth, with three eyes on each side, which is a nice touch. The end of the tail has this scorpion vibe, which is a nice touch.

His articulation includes hinged shoulders, hips, swivel feet and tail, giving him 7 points total, not 5 as stated in the official description.

Both figures also comes with a comic book that gives a backstory in these characters to help promote this line, so that’s another bonus for fans looking to purchase more monsters.

Overall, these are two great looking figures with beautiful looking sculpts, and great likenesses that fit in with any Kaju figure collection.


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