Fresh Monkey Fiction – Cops n Crooks Figure Five-Pack

Fresh Monkey Fiction – Cops n Crooks Figure Five-Pack


Fresh Monkey Fiction is bringing back a 1980’s icon line that originally was 6″ with Marvel Legends style articulation, which was a Hasbro line. This new offering however are PVC non-articulated figures, and comes with three different versions. This in-color pack $29.99 and limited edition), a Green pack and a Pink pack ($24.99 each). All of which can be pre-ordered now at BigBadToyStore. You can pre-order now by clicking HERE!

While it’s great to see this brand return, fans want action figures of these, and hopefully that day will come!

Official description:

Enter a future time where crime is rampant. A national cartel headed by the ever elusive Big Boss is responsible for much of the criminal activity. He has enlisted some of the nations most notorious crooks to do his bidding. They are known to be involved in armed robbery, interstate transportation of stolen goods, extortion, racketeering, counterfeiting schemes, and loan sharking amongst other offenses. The Police were unable to stop the ever increasing crime wave. Thus, the Central Organization of Police Specialists (C.O.P.S.) was formed. They work to put the Big Boss and his minions behind bars for good.

Each C.O.P.S. figures was sculpted by the talented Eric Lee and are ready for action standing at 1.25 inches tall.
Wave 1 Box Set includes the following figures: Bulletproof, Big Boss, Longarm, Dr. Bad Vibes and Buttons McBoomBoom 

C.O.PS. N CROOKS mini figures will be limited to 1000 pcs and exclusively offered through our retail partner BigBadToyStore as a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) pre-order item, which means we’ll need to reach a minimum amount of pre-orders of 500 pcs during this special event window so we can  move these figures into production. If we meet our MOQ pre-orders during the event, we’ll unlock the ability to add even more color version to your collection.

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