Nanoblock – Pokémon Charmander & Eevee Construction Sets Review


Nanoblock is a brand new micro-sized building block that has smaller blocks compared to other companies, and each character comes in a polybag, most sets with over 100 pieces to build. Some of the properties include Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Crash Bandicoot, Demon Slayer, Pac-Man and more. Bluefin brands are the official U.S. distributor of this line and each set is quite sophisticated and can be rather challenging to build, considering these two are small, the challenge was quite surprising.

Thank you to Bluefin for sending along these Nanoblock – Pokémon Charmander and Eevee sets for review. 

Availability: January 2022

Each of these are packaged in a polybag with a resealable seal so you can put the extra pieces and the instructions back in once the build is completed. The front of the package shows you how it’s going to look once it’s done, including a look at how many pieces are in each pack and the level of difficulty.

Charmander and Eevee stand at roughly 2″ tall and includes 120 and 130 pieces each respectively. Most parts of the instructions for each have two levels of blocks to build, and it’s easy to miss something and make a mistake given the small size of each piece. Nanoblock offers a pad a tweezers to help the start of the build as the pieces are loose and move around. The second step would be to begin stacking the parts and as you go to later levels, make sure to pay extra special attention and count the rows, and sometimes it’s easier to start at the back than the front.

The likenesses are exceptional including the details on Charmander’s tail and Eevee’s ears, which are also the most fragile parts of the sets and can fall off easily. Charmander’s comes in orange and beige pieces, with the fail featuring translucent red and yellow parts to indicate the flame on his tail. Eevee comes in light brown and beige, with a brown nose. Both have white and black eyes that are small pieces that are stacked.

Overall, the pieces may be small and a bit of a challenge, but the overall design, likeness and a great representation of the character. These building sets will surely keep you occupied, and make sure to grab the pad and tweezers as you’re going to need it for assembly.




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