McFarlane Toys The Princess Bride Wave 2 Figure Pre-Orders


McFarlane Toys released solicitations and pre-orders of their upcoming The Princess Bride wave 2 figures are available now. This wave includes Fezzik with cloak (Andre the Giant offered as a deluxe figure), Buttercup (Wedding Dress), Vizzini, Inigo Montoya (bloodied), and Dread Pirate Roberts (bloodied). Pre-Orders and additional figures are available at BigBadToyStore,  Entertainment Earth, GameStop and Amazon. This wave is scheduled to ship in May 2022. Each figure is priced at $24.99-$25.99, and Andre is $39.99-$41.99 depending on retailer.

These figures are 7″ scaled and includes character specific accessories and actor likenesses. Inspired from the 1987 classic, this wave continues where wave 1 left off with different variations of the characters, including Vizzini making his debut in this line.