MGear – Gadget Wallet 3.0 Review


Toy Photographers can show off their work proudly with the Gadget Wallet 3.0 from MGear, which allows you to customize the design with many different options, including adding your own design on the front or using one of their patterns and plates. Toy collectors have the option to feature your toy photography pictures, as you can upload images and have it placed right on the cover, or basically anything you like.

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Thank you to MGear for providing their Gadget Wallet 3.0 for review. 

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The Gadget Wallet 3.0 measures almost 3″ wide by almost 4″ tall, with options to add accessories such as a flashlight, and a pen on the sides. The wallet is made of an aluminum frame, with a carbon fiber front, back and side panels, a steel tension frame and a nylon band that holds in the flashlight and pen on the sides.


The custom plate is where you would upload your own image, including that of action figures, pets, or anything else you’d like. This will show up where the skull is located in the images. Next stop would be to choose what you want on the sides, including a pen, flashlight or a storage tube. The final step would be to decide what accessories you want on the inside, including a survival card, measuring and conversion guide card, fresnel lens, 14-1 multi-tool, 18-1 multi-tool, and a USD drive. The wallet can hold up to 5 cards, including an ID, credit cards or the cards that are included.


The wallet is best used for travel, on a hike or for everyday living. With the custom frame, allowing you to showcase your toy photography is a conversation starter, on top of the high-end quality and material that is used to construct it. Definitely recommended for gadget lovers, and for toy fans looking for something you don’t own, adding your images onto this would be a great way to treat yourself. Grab this now at MGear.





Additional images showing the custom options for your wallet: