Maestro Union: FuRay Planet Wilderness Hunter Crocker 1/12 Scale Figure

A new company called Maestro Union is offering a new action figure 1/12 scale line called FuRay Planet, where a planet is full of animals with humanoid features and capabilities. The first figure in this line is the Wilderness Hunter Crocker, and he seems to pay homage to DC’s Killer Croc and TMNT’s Leatherhead characters. This figure is fully articulated, and comes with accessories including a cowboy hat, rifle, vest, interchangeable hands, a knife, chains on his wrists and more. The Wilderness Hunter Crocker is priced at $89.99 and expected to ship in July 2022. Pre-Orders are available at BigBadToyStore, and you can order now by clicking HERE!

FuRay Planet is an imaginary planet full of anthropomorphic animals set in a modern society that features different countries and cities, with every character having their own jobs and roles to play. From this new world comes a series of 1/12 scale figures from Maestro Union. The figures feature mature designs, are highly detailed, and are highly articulated. 

First in the series is Wilderness Hunter Crocker, who features 28 moveable joints and two different looks Рprison breaker and hunter. The figure also includes a variety of accessories such as a cowboy hat and a rifle.