S.H. Figuarts The Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Figure Review


Bandai Tamashii Nations are now offering their S.H. Figuarts The Suicide Squad Harley Quinn figure that is based on the 2021 film. The figure features the likeness of actress Margot Robbie in what has become one of her iconic roles, and teams up with a new team of super villains battling new threats, including  the alien Starro.

Thank you to Bluefin Brands for sending along the S.H. Figuarts The Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Figure for review.

Availability: 2021

Harley Quinn is packaged in a window box, including an open window in the front where you can see the fire and her interchangeable head sculpt, along with artwork and images on the front, sides and back. She comes packaged in a plastic tray for safe keeping along with her accessories.

Harley Quinn gets new outfit for this film and comes in her red-and-black comic-inspired costume, with the two colors being opposite to each other throughout the outfit. This outfit is highly detailed in this design, with some great paint applications and attention to detail that is consistent throughout the design. including the patterns on the gloves with her fingers poking through, the red shoelaces and metallic deco on her shoes, the metallic silver deco on the belt buckles on her torso and belt, and the diamonds on her thighs are each given the most detail in the outfit. The back of the jacket, which is made of soft plastic, also has a great design, including the saying Live Fast, Die Clown on the back.

Her two head sculpts are each given a unique facial expression, one with a closed and the other with an open mouth. Both have goggles sculpted to the top of her head, long braided red and black colored hair going down her shoulders, red highlights around her eyes, black lipstick and a white skin tone.

Harley Quinn includes 2 head sculpts, and 9 interchangeable hands, 4 sets and 1 extra left hand that can all be swapped out for customizable poses. The lack of weapons however with this figure is noticeable and it feels like she needs something to hold onto with those open grip hands, such as pistols and a baseball bat. You could use accessories from the previous Harley Quinn figure as that would be compatible with this release, but not giving her any accessories such as weapons was an unfortunate decision.

Her articulation includes ball jointed head on a pin, ball-hinged shoulders, butterfly shoulders, double-hinged elbows, swivel-jointed wrists, ball jointed torso, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, double-hinged knees, hinged rocker ankles and hinged toes.

Overall, Harley Quinn looks pretty decent and a great addition to the S.H. Figuarts line. The likeness, attention to detail, and paint applications all look great, and you definitely need to add this one to your collection. She does however need some weapons to hold onto, which unfortunately were not included with her. You can find this figure, and others at our sponsors below.


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