Bandai America – Digimon Shodo Metal Garurumon 3 1/2″ Figure Review


Bandai America are offering a line of Digimon Shodo 3 1/2″ figures, which includes Garurumon, Omegamon, WarGreymon, Garudamon, and MagnaAngemon. These figures are inspired from the Digimon anime series and are available to purchase now.

Thank you to Bandai America for sending along their Digimon Shodo Metal Garurumon 3 1/2″ Figure for review. 

Availability: November 2021

Garurumon is packaged in a window box with artwork and images on the front, sides and back, including a look at additional figures that are shown on the back.

Garurumon is the ultimate evolution of the Garurumon-species, and comes mostly in blue armor with nicely done sculpted details and curves throughout the sculpt. His chest, tail and wings are painted in yellow with an insignia on his chest, and the ends of the wings are painted with metallic gold. The launches on his shoulders are also in yellow, with metallic silver missiles ready to fire, and his feet, bottom jaw and back are painted in a light blue, with the feet given red nails, and you also see this same shade of red on the nose, eyes, and a metallic red on the back knees. He also has some paint apps on his cheeks, such as D1 just below the eyes.

The figure is also somewhat fragile, as parts such as the head, missiles, and legs come apart and are held together on peg joints, which are also points of his articulation. It is easy however to place the parts back on, so breakage is hard to do on this figure unless you use extreme force on the peg joints or whatever. The wings are made of a soft plastic, as are the ears, and the tail is made of a harder plastic, but you can still bend it.

His articulation includes ball jointed head, ball jointed neck, ball jointed hips x4, ball jointed torso, double-ball jointed knees x4, ball jointed ankles x4, and ball jointed missiles on the top of the front legs.

Overall, this is a nice looking figure considering the small scale, and lots of great attention to detail that fans will love. It should be noteworthy that the joints do come off easily, but are also easy to put back on, so no harm there.  This is a great collectible for the $14.99-$15.99 price point, and if you’re a Digimon fan and collector, you may want to check out this line.


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