FanHome Street Fighter Subscription Box #7 Review



FanHome is offering a new Street Fighter subscription service with highly detailed and painted figurines inspired from the Capcom video game/arcade franchise. Each box includes new PVC figures, magazines and brochures, and through the subscription you will receive free gifts of Street Fighter 4″ statues that you can also collect, and these differ from the 3 1/2″ – 5 1/2″ figurine series. The subscription starts at the introductory price of $1.99, which is for Ryu plus the magazine. Ken is the second figure and you also get the magazine for $7.00. The additional figurines plus magazine are also available through the subscription, so head on over to FanHome for all the details.

The 7th box includes four figurines, including Makoto, Cody, Ibuki, and Gen, which are priced at $13.99 each plus you get the magazine for each figurine.

In the video, we have an in-depth look at the brochures and magazines that are included in this box, as well as the figurines. So go check that out.

Thank you to FanHome for providing their Street Fighter Subscription Box #7 for review. 

Availability: Subscription going on now

Each figurine comes with their own magazine, which are also numbered on the upper right hand corner. Inside the magazines, are origins about each character, a history of the franchise, and other tidbits of information that you might not have been aware of. Each magazine is designed similar, but each given different information about the franchise, including Capcom.


Makoto comes in an off-white karate outfit with a black belt around her waist, and a yellow ribbon around her neck that is long and comes out the back. The ribbon is long and made of a soft plastic. The outfit includes sculpted folds and is given a smooth sculpt, and the hair is painted black and sculpted with individual parts sticking up. Her action pose is nicely done with her left arm up, right arm and knee bent, and left leg straight out to the side.

Cody comes in his white and dark blue stripped prison outfit, with his hands in chains and cuffs, with the chain made out of a soft plastic. His facial details are nicely done and he has blonde hair that is sculpted. His action pose has him standing up with his legs apart, and his right arm up.


Ibuki comes in a beige and dark brown outfit, with bandages on her arms, lower legs and feet that are wrapped around it. Her mouth is also covered with a bandana, and her hair is long and the back is poking through the headgear. The hair is also made of a soft plastic, and nicely sculpted. Her action pose is nicely done with her knees sculpted apart, and arms crossing over her chest.


Gen comes in his purple robe with white trim, black pants, white shows with a red stripe, and a brown belt around his waist. His head sculpt includes long white hair, including a beard and mustache, with sculpted detail on his face indicating wrinkles and his old age. The action pose is nicely done, including his right arm sticking up with a finger pointing out, right knee belt, and left arm and knee off the to the side.

Each figurine is sculpted and painted in their iconic outfits, and posed in an action or fighting stance. They also stand on a black base, with their names on the bottom of it.

Overall, FanHome has done a fantastic job on these with the overall quality, attention to detail and overall likeness of the characters. This is a great inexpensive collectible that gamers and action figure collectors will surely love, and makes a great display piece with your games, consoles, and action figure collection. My recommendation would be to subscribe, especially if you are looking to enhance your display.