Lone Coconut – Plunderlings Feral Chedar Figure Review


Lone Coconut recently announced some new Plunderlings figures that are up for pre-order, which joins their already impressive line-up of these fantasy pirate goblin action figures seeking treasure that first were introduced through Kickstarter and their successful campaign. This line is 112th scaled and Feral Chedar stands almost 4″ tall and includes three alternate heads, two alternate hands, a mohawk and a bat.

Thank you to Lone Coconut for sending along their Plunderlings Feral Chedar Figure for review. 

Availability: 2021

Feral Chedar is packaged in a window box with his face on the front, including teeth, eyes and nose, the sides represent a crate, the back includes an image of him, the top is a window box and the bottom has his feet as the artwork. Inside the box are ears that can be placed on the sides of the box where the groves are cut, so the box can look more like the character.

Feral Chedar is a repaint from existing figures and painted with orange skin, and given blue pants with a black belt and metallic silver belt buckle. The sculpt is smooth and has a nice shine to the finish, that makes him bright up a bit when exposed to light. The sculpt is lean and thin, and he’s given long webbed feet, thick forearms and hands.


The three head sculpts are also used on some of the other Plunderlings figures, and each have their own distinct sculpt, with a closed smile, teeth grinning, and open mouth, all with black eyes and long pointy ears with some pink deco on the inside. The teeth are painted white, and the eyes have a nice shiny coat on them as well.


He comes with several accessories, including an alternate set of hands, a mohawk and a bat.


The mohawk works with all three heads and attaches with a magnet that is inside the head, and the bottom of the mohawk. Once on, it stays on pretty well and easy to take off, so there is no pressing down on the head to place the mohawk on and lining it up with a grove. The magnet feature is a nice surprise and works exceptionally well.

The alternate hands include an open grip to hold the baseball bat, and is easy to swap out the hands. Both sets of the hands have painted toe nails that are also that same shiny finish as the eyes, and you also see this done for the toe nails.

The baseball bat is nicely done and painted to look like wood, with black straps around it, white straps for the handle, and several red x’s sculpted and painted on.

He is also fully articulated, including a ball jointed head, swivel-hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged biceps, swivel-hinged wrists, ball jointed torso, ball jointed hips, double hinged knees, hinged and rocker ankles.