52 Toys – New Product Launch For Q1 – Q2, 2022

52 Toys announced new products coming in Q1 – Q2, 2022, including new FigLite, Legacy of Lovecraft, Destiny of an Empire, Captain Commando, and more.

On May 20th – “52TOYS Collectible Toy Day”, 52TOYS celebrated its 7th anniversary and released the New Product Showcase for the first half year of 2022. 

The showcase disclosed the brand of FigLite which consists of 3.75’’ action figures and disclosed 6 new products of BeastBox transforming toys. 

For the design of FigLite products, Stryker Wang (Senior Product Director of 52TOYS ) said, they will adopt the pop culture both in domestic and overseas to make collectible toys more connected to consumers. 

For FigLite series in Q1&Q2, 2022, they will have the Legacy of Lovecraft series featuring the characters in Cthulhu Mythos including CTHULHU, THE KING IN YELLOW, DEEPONE, DAGON, INVESTIGATOR, LOVECRAFT; Captain Commando the leader, Mack the Knife, Ginzu the Ninja and Baby Head from the hit CAPCOM arcade game-Captain Commando; also Liu Bei and his sworn brothers, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei from 天地を喰らう (Destiny of an Emperor ). Last but not least, they will also show off figures of the BEASTBOX creators – UNUS and OMEX! 


As shown in the video, you can see that 52TOYS has highly restored the details of the characters and made further breakthroughs in the playability and articulation of the figures. 

The eyes of Cthulhu in the Legacy of Lovecraft series can glow under UV light. And for Captain Commando and 天地を喰らう series, you can even find the restoration of the characters’  muscle lines and costumes. For some of the 3.75’’ action figures, they even make it with almost 30 joints and dual axis joint, which make the figures highly articulated and more playable. 

UNUS and OMEX are two old enemies but also the creators of BeastBox creatures in the BeastBox universe. BEASTBOX and MEGABOX series are transforming toys originally developed by 52TOYS and are based on various types of creatures of five species including dinosaurs, beasts, aquatic animals, birds and insects. Each of Box toys can be transformed into a cube with a side length of 5 cm. UNUS and OMEX are highly articulated. 52TOYS invited Mechazone to design the figures and also draw the cover art of the products. 


52 Toys products can be found at BigBadToyStore. Legacy of Lovecraft is up for pre-order now, and others to be launched in Q2/Q3/Q4.