Mattel Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Brooklynn, Sammy, Darius & Dinosaur Figure Review


Mattel is offering fans the opportunity to complete the human kids features in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous on Netflix, which will see its 5th season drop on July 21st on Netflix. This includes Brooklynn & Monolophosaurus, Sammy & Velociraptor, and Darius & Baby Brachiosaurus figures that are based on the series. The good news is that Mattel is offering a complete case assortment of the 3 figures, which you can grab now at Entertainment Earth for $50.99.

The series follows a group of kids left behind by adults during an evacuation of Jurassic World, leaving them to fend for themselves and survive the dangerous and deadly dinosaurs at the park.

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Thank you to Entertainment Earth for providing Mattel’s Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Brooklynn, Sammy, Darious & Dinosaur Figures for review. 

Availability: June/July 2022

Each figure is packaged on a blister card with a plastic bubble, along with artwork inspired from the series on the front, and images of the figures on the back.

Darius is offered once again in this line, and this time he comes with an all-new Baby Brachiosaurus figure. Darious is a re-release from the Camp Adventure Box Set offered in 2020, with what appears to be some new facial details.

The clothing, including the yellow sweater with a hood, a white shirt, blue pants, black and white shoes, black stripes on his sweater’s sleeves, and a dinosaur tooth on a necklace. He also includes binoculars,  and the vocal cord of the velociraptor.

The Baby Brachiosaurus is truly the primary reason to get this set if you already own the first release of Darius, which is painted in several shades of green, and given a sculpted texture skin. The detail on this figure is remarkable, including the head sculpt and facial details. The articulation includes a hinged neck, hinged mouth, and 4x hinged hips.


Brooklynn is packaged along with the same scooter that was offered with Kenji, and a Monolophosaurus. Brooklynn is all-new and comes in her pink sweater with a silver zipper, white trim, an orange undershirt, torn black pants, white shoes, a black watch, and pink hair in a knot. The facial details are nicely done, along with the paint apps being crisp and an overall great likeness.

Monolophosaurus is given a sculpted textured skin, spikes on his back and neck, and a great likeness considering the limited articulation. The mouth is hinged and the tongue and eyes are painted, with sharp teeth, and he also has a pattern on the sides of his body, neck and head. His articulation also includes a swivel-hinged neck, swivel-hinged shoulders, and swivel hips.

Sammy comes with two Compsognathus (also called compy’s) and also an all-new figure, and also comes with a Velociraptor. She comes in a grey shirt with flowers and green leaves printed on, dark blue pants, brown shoes, black hair and a headband. The facial details are just as impressive as the other figures and she is given a great likeness to the show. The compy’s can hang on her arms and legs as we’ve seen with some of the earlier Jurassic Park 3.75″ figures.

The Velociraptor has a reused sculpt with some new deco, including dark grey and green markings. The sculpt is also given textures on the skin, long nails, and nicely done facial details, including painted eyes, tongue and sharp teeth. The Velociraptor ‘s articulation includes a hinged jaw, hinged shoulders, and hinged hips.

Overall, the collection is coming along nicely, and yes while i’m aware that Ben isn’t pictured, that’s because I haven’t been able to track one down so far. The rest of the figures all look great and fit in with the 3.75″ line, including being compatible with the dinosaurs and vehicles that Mattel has been offering. The likenesses are also very impressive considering the scale, and the Jurassic World team continues to offer such detailed figures in this line that fans are surely enjoying! If you’re a fan of the Camp Cretaceous series, make sure to pick up all of the kids in this line, as this collection will need these to be displayed with the movie lines.


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