Toys “R” Us Makes Triumphant Return To Every Macy’s Store In The States


In 2018, Toys “R” Us closed its doors in the U.S. following a huge financial debt that the company could not recover from, and then re-opened a few small stores in shopping malls, which the pandemic had extinguished. Now, they are coming back again to every Macy’s Store in the USA by Mid-October 2022, a total of 570 stores.

This year, Toys “R” Us, the leading big box toy store will be returning stateside, and kids will finally have a toy store to go too. It won’t be as it used to be, and they probably won’t carry everything that they used too, including an action figure section for adults (such as high-end collectibles and those expensive figures), and it sounds like they will be geared to more kids lines, games, and various other toys on the market.

The square footage per store will be about 1,000 to 10,000, and could expand to an additional 3,000 depending on how things go and the range of products that they plan to carry. This includes more hands on experiences for shoppers, including demonstration tables, life-size Geoffrey Giraffe for photography, and more.

On October 15 – 23, Toy “R” Us will host 9 days of events inside Macy’s, including family friendly actives, daily giveaways of some of the top leading brands, such as LEGO, Barbie and more.

Since it’s closure in the US, Toys “R” Us has remained active in other countries such as Canada, where they continue to offer the big box store experience with all the lines and products that you used to be able to find in stores stateside. This new partnership seems promising for both Toys “R” Us and Macy’s, which both companies need in order to keep their doors open following the events of the pandemic and the challenges it has brought to our economy.

Update – This has been updated to include the number of stores Toys “R” Us will be appearing in.