Power-Con 2022 – Four Horsemen Studios Booth Video Coverage



Power-Con is taking place this weekend and the Four Horsemen Studios are one of the biggest names attending this years show, with a booth full of Mythic Legions and Cosmic Legions figures to show off. First off, there are some tidbits of information as an update to the video, as it was shot first before I had a chance to talk to 4H. Some of the current Mythic Legions All Stars 5.0 figures are featured in the display, including the heads pack (such as the black panther head) shown on figures in the display. This is mixed in with figures released over the years, so you’ll need to know what you’re looking at.

Cosmic Legions is the impressive line of the year, with such unique sculpting on the alien designs and a few massive characters, which are roughly 8-10 lbs. Get a really good look at these sculpts in the video, and are beyond impressive compared to images that you saw online.

Mythic Legions and Cosmic Legions figures can be found at BigBadToyStore and Store Horsemen.