Valaverse Announces Rezvani Partnership For Vehicles Into Action Force


Bobby Vala of Valaverse hit the industry by storm this week with his announcement of vehicles for his popular 6″ Action Force action figure line-up, which will be compatible with the figures. The vehicles will serve as a basis for the design, and you can be sure that Valaverse will be adding their own twist to it, with the strong possibility of guns, missile launches and everything that a military team would need.

The image above shown, as well as in the video, is just the basis of a Rezvani vehicle to give you an idea of what it will look like, along with somewhat of a scale to the action figures. Valaverse is already underway in designing the vehicles for this line, which was always the intention to include vehicles, which is certainly a plus as there isn’t too many options in the industry for 6″ scale vehicles.

Rezvani is known for making security vehicles, and it’s a great design to use for Action Force. Additional details, availability and pricing is yet to be announced.



Action Force figures are available on BigBadToyStore, and you can visit the page by clicking HERE.