Mattel – Masters of the Universe Masterverse New Eternia Zodac Figure Review


Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Masterverse line gets some new additions in this wave, and a few that fans weren’t expecting. This wave includes Catra, Zodac, as well as He-Man and Skeletor from the new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animated series on Netflix, which are variants of these characters and the first from this series is brought into this line. Zodac pays tribute to his 80’s appearance and features swappable shoulder pads for his staff, which can be pulled apart, a blaster, and interchangeable hands.

Interestingly enough, my New Eternia Zodac figure was missing half his staff inside the package, which wasn’t open so this was never placed inside at the factory. It’s rare that this happens, especially to me as generally don’t have to deal with images, only some paint scuffs on the figure from time to time. After reaching out to Mattel Customer Service, which I had no luck in getting a replacement part as the figure is too new and they don’t have it, I reached out to the “toy gods,”” as I’m going to call it that for now as I can’t divulge details at the moment. With that, I was able to get a replacement staff using methods that most people don’t have access too. Again, more details about how I got the replacement will be revealed at a later time. As you can see below, I now have a staff and a half, so my Zodac is ready for battle and am very grateful to have gotten what I needed for a complete figure.

Thank you to Entertainment Earth for sending Masters of the Universe Revelation Masterverse New Eternia Zodac Figure for review.

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Availability: September 2022

Zodac is packaged on the standard window box packaging for the line, including some great artwork and images, and a description on the back. The new New Eternia logo looks great and we’ve seen this a few times already.


Zodac gets a modern release in this line, which pays tribute to his 80’s design that fans are most familiar with. He has some shared parts with figures like He-Man and Mer-Man, and incudes a newly tooled armor, head, belt and and accessories. The armor features the Cosmic Enforcers symbol on his chest, with some of the white deco rubbing off on the side. The armor includes removable shoulder pads, which can be replaced by a split staff, a holster for the blaster, and if you prefer it can also be removed. Interestedly enough, when the character was first designed by Mattel in 1981, he was originally planned as a villain, given his webbed feet that was only used for villains, but plans changed and he became a heroic warrior. The feet are also painted in a dark grey, 2hich also matches the lion cloth under the belt, which is painted in white. The plastic piece in-front of the belt lays over the lion cloth, and is painted a red and light grey.

His head sculpt is nicely done, and is helmeted, leaving on his mouth revealed. The helmet is painted in the same shade of red and grey as the armor, including black eyes.

Zodac comes with his staff, which can be split apart, a blaster and two sets of interchangeable heads. The hands include two open grip, and closed fisted.

His articulation includes a ball jointed head, ball jointed torso, ball hinged shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, double hinged knees, swivel boots, hinged and rocker ankles.

Now, it’s time to compare him with his Masters of the Universe Classics counterparts. As you can see, the design remains mostly the same with some various differences, such as the armor, height, staff color (which better matches Zodak from 200X), and color of the boots. He can also store his blaster on the side hip of the armor, which is something that the MOTU Classics offers cannot do.

Overall, Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Revelation Masterverse line continues to offer some great looking figures inspired from the series, and Zodac is a perfect example of that. You are definitely going to want to jump in on this line, even if you already have the MOTU Classics figures. He is expected to ship in October 2022, but some early offerings were sent out if you had pre-ordered.


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