Cryptoys To Launch First-Ever Masters of the Universe Digital Action Figure Collection On November 9th & Exclusive Reader Giveaway


Last week, I had the opportunity to talk to Cryptoys about their new partnership with Mattel, launching a new Masters of the Universe digital action figures collection that you can buy for $39.99 each, each are blind-boxed using a cube, with 10,000 units per action figure, and a total of 7 different skins offered as variants in each wave. Some of these skins will be more rare than others. When you unbox the blind-box cube, a blister-packed version of the toy is revealed.  When you unwrap the blister pack, the action figure comes to life on the screen and you can take the toy for a walk on the platform.

Update – The giveaway is now launched. Enter today by clicking HERE!

The first 4 characters – He-Man, Prince Adam, Evil-Lyn, Battle Cat/Cringer, and Tri-Klops – go on sale November 9, 2022, on  The figures however will not have their powers and abilities as seen in the Filmation cartoon of the 1980’s, but will come with their iconic accessories, such as He-Man’s power sword, Evil Lyn comes with her wand, and additional characters will include at least one accessory.

8 more Masters of the Universe characters will be released over the next few months.  The Cryptoys team is building out additional experiences and features to launch in 2023 and beyond.  A game will feature familiar places from Masters of the Universe, such as Castle Grayskull, and you will be able to enter into these places and explore the interior with some familiar scenes.

Giveaway Opportunity for our Readers:

We will be giving away four (4) cubes with mystery Masters of the Universe digital action figures inside courtesy of Cryptoys that you will be able to unbox, unwrap, collect and play with. The action figures are valued at $39.99 each, and four (4 ) different readers will each be given one (1).

On Day 1 when the collection launches, you will be able to :

  • Purchase up to 5 Cryptoys Cubes per transaction
  • Cryptoys Cubes will appear in your Backpack
  • Unbox your blind-pack Cube (or keep in pristine condition)
  • Unwrap your blister-packed toy (or keep it in mint condition)
  • Take your toy for a spin around The Block
  • See your toy’s Stat-o-Meter power score and attributes
  • Begin building your Cryptoys MOTU Collection!

Press Release:

12 fan favorite characters including He-Man, Battle Cat, Skeletor, Panthor and more to become available as digital action figure collectibles

MIAMI – October 12, 2022 – By the Power of Grayskull…I Have the Power! Today, Cryptoys, the revolutionary new NFT platform that combines toys, gaming and entertainment, and Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAT) announced they will release the first drop of their highly anticipated Masters of the Universe series on Wednesday, November 9. The collection of limited-edition digital action figures will feature 12 fan favorite characters, with the first release including He-Man/Prince Adam, Evil-Lyn, Battle Cat/Cringer and Tri-Klops.

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the iconic Masters of the Universe franchise, and as part of that celebration,Cryptoys and Mattel have revealed details from the next three waves of digital toy drops planned from November 2022 through January 2023. Cryptoys is creating an expansive universe that offers fans new ways to collect and play. Over the coming months, MOTU fans can expect to see additional characters such as Orko, Teela, Beast-Man, Trap-Jaw, Skeletor, Sorceresses, Panthor and Man-At-Arms released as digital action figures.  

“With a unique ability to remain at the forefront of pop culture for 40 years, Mattel’s Masters of the Universe IP has an extremely high consumer awareness level and strong collectability value,” said Mike DeLaet, Global Head of Digital Gaming at Mattel. “As the first toy company to launch NFTs and the only toy partner on the Cryptoys platform, we are thrilled to bring this project to life, bridging the gap between traditional toys and the future, providing fans of all ages a new way to experience He-Man and Masters of the Universe.”

Cryptoys is bringing the surprise pack toy experience into the virtual world with digital action figures that come to life the moment they’re unwrapped. Collecting Cryptoys is more like collecting physical toys than typical NFT offerings. Each MOTU drop will contain 10,000 toys per character and offer multiple skins across seven rarity levels; the more scarce the rarity skin is, the more powerful and valuable it will become.

“Many of us grew up with Masters of the Universe, which is why we felt it was the perfect property to kick off our partnership with Mattel,” said Will Weinraub, CEO and Co-Founder at OnChain Studios. “We’re excited to bring these beloved characters to life as Cryptoys, giving fans a new way to collect and play, ushering in a new era for the world of toys.”

The Cryptoys experience makes it easy for anyone to build an interactive collection, beginning with surprise pack Cryptoys Cubes. Fans can choose to keep cubes in mint condition or unbox them to reveal blister-packed toys. Once the toy is unwrapped, the new digital friend will come to life and is ready to go for a walk. Priced at $39.99 each, collectors can purchase with a credit or debit card (5% transaction fee) or crypto since the platform is built on the Flow blockchain. Each time a collector max mints five Cryptoys Cubes per transaction, they’ll receive early access to future drops.

The Masters of the Universe collection is the first brand to launch on Cryptoys’ NFT platform as part of its multi-year, global partnership with Mattel. The MOTU digital toy collection is available exclusively at Cryptoys MOTU