Fresh Monkey Fiction Naughty or Nice Collection Figures Wave 1 Restock


BigBadToyStore have restocked wave 1 of Fresh Monkey Fiction’s exclusive line of Naughty or Nice figures that are all listed as in-stock now, including Classic Santa as he was previously sold out. These are Christmas themed action figures with both good and evil characters. The Nutcrackers are $19.99 each, The Elves are $19.99 each, Santa is $36.99 each, and the accessory pack is $21.99 each. Get your orders in now by clicking HERE!

Wave 2 is also up for pre-order, and you can grab these now by clicking HERE!

Wave 1 includes:

  • Evil Nutcracker
  • Zombie Nutcracker
  • Robot Nutcracker
  • Classic Nutcracker
  • Spike the Elf
  • Betty the Elf
  • Fredy the Elf
  • Accessory Pack
  • Robot Santa
  • Sgt. Santa
  • Zombie Santa
  • Classic Santa

Wave 2 includes:

  • Barbarian Santa
  • Gremlin King
  • Nasty Krampus
  • Mall Santa
  • Checking It Twice Santa
  • Northern Santa
  • Father Frost
  • Accessory Set
  • Julie the Elf
  • Tommy the Elf