Bandai Namco – DragonBall Super: SUPER HERO Dragon Stars Goku, Piccolo & Gamma 1 Figures Review



Bandai Namco are offering a new assortment of DragonBall Super: SUPER HERO Dragon Stars figures that are inspired from the new film, including Goku, Piccolo and Gamma 1. This new film follows the events of the series, and will see release on March 14, 2023, and you can order the film now on Amazon.

It’s been awhile since Bandai offered a three figure wave in their Dragon Ball Stars line, as they had switched from this to individual figure releases. It also should be noted that in other three figure waves, each figure had a build-a-figure piece, which has been abandoned, but something that fans really do want to see return.

Thank you to Bandai Namco for sending along their DragonBall Super: SUPER HERO Dragon Stars Goku, Piccolo and Gamma 1 figures for review. 

Availability: February 2023

Each figure is packaged in the standard Dragon Ball Stars window box, with images and logo’s on the front and sides, along with images of the figures on the back.

Goku comes in his orange and blue outfit, with the symbol on his chest and back, a blue belt that hangs down from the front, dark blue boots with red striples and beige. This sculpt is also all-new, including the head sculpt that gives us the best likeness of the character in this line to-date.

Included with Goku are two sets of hands, closed fisted and open grip.


Piccolo is also brand new, and comes in his orange outfit with a red belt, a newly tooled cape, tan boots, and a light green skin tone and Numekian species marking on his arms. The head piece cannot be removed, but the cape can be by removing the head first. Included are a set of open grip hands, closed fisted, and a special beam cannon right hand.


Gamma 1 is a new character in this line and makes his debut in the film. He’s an android and part of the Red Ribbon army, and that’s all the spoilers you’re going to read about him here. He comes in his orange suit, with a red 1 on his chest, grey buttons, the RR logo on his left shoulder, black boots and gloves, a black belt with a dark grey belt buckle, and a red cape. The head sculpt is in both light and dark grey, with the helmet feating a shark fin on top. He also has a holster on his right hip, for the pistol, which also has a shark face and fin on top. He includes a set of open trigger finger hands, which can hold the blaster, and closed fisted hands.

The articulation is standard for the line, including double jointed elbows and knees. A full breakdown can be seen in the video.

Overall, thee are excellent figures with new updated figures inspired from this film, and the best offerings of Goku and Piccolo offered in this line so far. Gamma 1 is an all-new character that makes his debut in this line, and an essential villain as well for collectors. Make sure to grab this wave now!


Amazon $19.99 each):

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