Super7 Silverhawks Ultimates Wave 2 Figures Available Now


Super7’s Silverhawks Ultimates Wave 2 Figures are available now and in-stock at Entertainment Earth. This wave includes Steelwill, Bluegrass, Windhammer,  Mon*Star and the Transformation Chamber Throne. Each figure is priced at $54.99, and the throne is $44.99. You can grab everything and get 10% off + Free US Shipping by clicking HERE! (automatically applied at checkout).

Pre-Orders for additional figures are available at Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore.

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The balance between the crime-fighting SilverHawks and Mon*Star & his mobsters has the Limbo Galaxy on a razor’s edge, and Super7’s newest wave of SilverHawks ULTIMATES! may just tip the scales of power! These highly detailed and intricately sculpted ULTIMATES! figures of Steelwill, Bluegrass, Windhammer, along with a fearsome new Mon*Star and his Transformation Chamber Throne are ready to power-up your collection!

  • Bluegrass figure
    • 3 Head sculpts
    • 5 Pairs of hands
    • 3 Alternate right hands
    • Hotlicks guitar and strap
    • Side Man guitar and strap
    • 2 Blast effects
    • 2 Lassos
    • Hat
    • 2 Side Man hawk figures
  • Steelwill figure
    • 3 Head sculpts
    • 5 Pairs of hands
    • Pair of winged arms
    • Pair of alternate shoulders
    • 4 Laser effects
    • 2 Stronghold figures
    • Streamer blaster and effect
    • Screamer blaster
    • 2 Screamer blaster effects
  • Mon*Star figure
    • 3 Head sculpts
    • 5 Pairs of hands
    • Alternate right hand
    • 2 Skyshadow figures
  • Windhammer figure
    • 2 Head sculpts
    • 5 Pairs of hands
    • Tuning fork
    • Ice blast effect
    • Lightning effect
    • Energy effect
  • Transformation Chamber Throne