FanHome – Iron Man Partwork Build Up Model Subscription Box #15 Review



Fanhome is offering a new subscription box consisting of an Iron Man Partwork Build Up Model that is made of both metal and high-quality ABS. Iron Man comes in pieces in each box, and you need to put each piece together to create this 24″ collectible figure. Iron Man Mark III armor features LED lights on the reactor, hand repulsors, boot thrusters and mask visor, and the figure is loaded with articulation and detail.

The subscription starts at the introductory price of $1.00 USD, and each part of Iron Man you build comes with its own magazine that features instructions for assembly, and explores both Marvel films and comic books through the character’s history.

Thank you to FanHome for providing their Iron Man Partwork Build Up Model Subscription Box #15 for review. 

Availability: Subscription going on now.

The subscription box is a standard shipping box, with purple and brown, with the FanHome logo in the front. Inside, is everything included, including four magazines, and four bags that includes all the parts needed to complete the build. The video above showcases an in-depth look of the magazines along with the step by step instructions of the building process.

This box includes issues 55, 56, 57, 58 and Assembly Guide 04. Each magazine has different articles related to Iron Man throughout the pages of Marvel Comics, along with different poses of Iron Man on the cover, and a look at different comic books on the back and inside.

Watch the video above for a closer look at the assembly instructions and articles in each magazine

Issue 55 focuses on the right thigh. You will be placing the Rear thigh plate 2 onto the Rear thigh plate 1 as shown.

Issue 56 also has you working on the right thigh. You will be placing the outer thigh plate onto onto the pieces assembled in issue 53. The other two parts will be assembled in a future issue.

Issue 57 has you placing the inner thigh plate onto the interior thigh structure and using two screws to secure it. You will then be using the thigh caps on two different assembled pieces as shown.

Issue 58 focuses on the right leg, and you will be placing the instep projector on the leg piece, and secure it on so it’s hinged using the hinge support with a screw as shown.

Assembly Guide 04 has you connecting the outer frame, along with placing the light panel on and screwing these together. The outer frame connects to the base as shown.

Overall, the quality and detail on this is amazing, and once put completely together this figure is going to look amazing! Fans are surely in for a treat with the subscription. The assembly is a lot of fun to do and you get satisfaction when plating a step. My recommendation would be to subscribe, and sets like this have been extremely popular to do during quarantine.




Issue 55:

Issue 56:

Issue 57:

Issue 58:

Assembly Guide 04: