Mattel – Masters of the Universe Masterverse New Eternia Whiplash Figure Review – First-Look!



Mattel’s upcoming Masters of the Universe Masterverse New Eternia Whiplash figure makes his debut in this line, and this new offering gives you a new modern take of the character. The Caligar armor is inspired from original concept art, and the character is given a fierce design, much more so than his 80’s counterpart. Whiplash is a fierce and bulky reptilian (lizard-like humanoid) that also pays tribute to his classic color scheme once the armor is removed. The figure includes his Caligar armor, including a helmet, chest piece, interchangeable hands, axe, torch, and his 80’s staff. Whiplash is set for release in Fall 2023.

Thank you to Mattel and the Masters of the Universe brand team for sending along Whiplash for review. 

Availability: Fall 2023

Whiplash comes in the standard Deluxe Masterverse window box, with artwork and logo’s on the front, an image of him on the right side, an image, bio and a look at additional figures, including Mer-Man, Grizzlor, Buzz-Off, and Faker on the back. Inside, Whiplash comes in a plastic tray along with his accessories.

Whiplash comes in two iconic appearances, his Caligar armor that is based on the original artwork, and his 80’s retro appearance. The armor is angular and aggressive looking, and painted in purple, blue, with a gold belt, and a purple and dark grey helmet. The skin is given sculpted lumps and textures to give his reptilian appearance a life-like design, which is something you normally don’t see on a Whiplash figure. His bracelets are also given metallic blue and purple deco, and is boots and lion-cloth are also purple with a blue wash.

This armor also has its own weapons, a torch with translucent plastic, and an axe that fits in with his open grip hands.

A set of closed fisted hands are also included, just incase he needs to punch something, or someone.

The armor is removable, and now you have his 80’s appearance also with a much more fierce design that gives him a bulky look. Since the 200X series, Whiplash is known to look bulkier than his 80’s appearance, and this is also his most recognizable look. The skin comes in dark and light green, with the torso a dark green, and the limbs and head a light green. His 80’s inspired staff

Whiplash’s head sculpt is nicely done, and with the helmet removed it almost looks like two completely unique heads. The facial details and nice sculpted and painted, and his sharp teeth are sticking up, pointy ears and a fin on the top of his head.

He is also fully articulated, which includes a ball jointed head, ball hinged shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ball jointed torso, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, double-hinged knees, swivel boots, hinged and rocket ankles, and a swivel tail.

Comparing him with other Whiplash figures, he sets himself apart from what has come before while paying a great tribute to the character. The armor is a great addition as this is normally something you never see. But if you’re like me and need that 80’s vibe, then removing it would work even better with his Masters of the Universe Classics, Masters of the Universe Origins, 200X (not shown) and vintage (also not shown) figures.

Overall, Whiplash is a must for Masters of the Universe fans, as he’s not only one of the more recognizable of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors, but he makes one tough and formidable looking character to take on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. When he’s out, make sure to pick him up later this year.


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