Mattel Creations – Masters of the Universe Mastervese Vykron, Origins Fang-Or & Lady Slither Figures Revealed


Mattel sent along information of their upcoming Masters of the Universe Mastervese Vykron, and Masters of the Universe: Origins Fang-Or and Lady Slither Figures that will be offered on Mattel Creations. The images in this article are just for reference of what’s come before, and are not the offerings of Mattel Creations as those images have not yet been released.


These figures are set to be released this summer / early fall, with Vykron being the first to launch! By producing the Vykron figure, the team’s aim was to pay homage to He-Man’s original prototype, which we think you’ll appreciate. On the other hand, both Lady Slither and Fang-Or are original designs created by Axel Gimenez during the Classics era. Ever since they were first revealed, they have been two of the most requested characters, so the Mattel Creations team is excited to make these epic Origins figures!


Pre-Sale Date: 6/6/23

This MasterverseTM New Eternia VykronTM is a deluxe action figure at 7-inch scale with 30 points of articulation and classic design details MOTUTM fans and collectors will love. Bringing the legendary gladiator home, this VykronTM figure comes with three separate armor and weapons looks for storytelling – the Barbarian, the Eagle Tank and the Spaceman. The New Eternia champion, Vykron, is a collector must-have, with 3 different armor and weaponry looks with metallic details.

This master of combat can strike virtually any pose for action play or display. The Barbarian look includes a detachable fur-style softgoods cape, an armored chest harness, removable head with spiked helmet and removable leg armor. His axe accessory is ready for action poses. The Spaceman look features a space helmet head and chest and belt armor piece. A flexible, removable air hose connects them. Swappable wrist armor, orange blaster and rocket-tipped winged jetpack complete the look. The third look features a unique tank-style helmet with posable turrets that fits over the Barbarian VykronTM head. This Eagle Tank look for VykronTM comes with chest, wrist and leg armor pieces and a battle ram accessory.

Notes from the Team: Before the original He-Man toy was fully realized, he started as a figure concept where you could change his outfit and turn him into different characters. The original prototype model called the ‘He-Man Trio’ had 3 outfits; a barbarian, a spaceman, and a tank-headed soldier. In the end, we know the barbarian won out and became He-man.

By producing this Vykron figure, our aim was to pay homage to this early concept. We have reinterpreted the 3 outfits of the “He-Man Trio” and have made the armor and accessories removable and interchangeable so you have the power to decide what your figure looks like. Careful attention was paid on the sculpt and deco details as we do on all our Masterverse figures. We hope you are as excited as we are on the release of this Deluxe Masterverse Vykron who celebrates an important part of MOTU history!


Pre-Sale Date: August

Notes from the Team: Both Lady Slither and Fang-Or are original designs created by Axel Gimenez during the Classics era. Ever since they were first revealed, they have been two of the most requested characters, so for us to make them into Origins figures feels epic! As a fan, it is a “checkbox” moment for me that I get to bring these two characters to life through directing the artwork and designing their packaging. When it’s revealed, you will see a direct connection to Preternia. We’ll focus on a lush swamp background, and in the middle of it you’ll be able to see Lady Slither’s Snake Lair.

Fang-Or will come inside our collector-friendly packaging. The blister bubble is easily removable it can slide off and on, and he will also come with an exclusive mini comic. The artwork teases potential upcoming figure reveals and a very cool easter-egg I had to include in the cardback artwork. Fans will notice that the Snake Lair is surrounded by a moat and a creature. The moat pays homage to The Castle Moat playmat that Mark Taylor originally envisioned, and the sea creature is one of the creatures illustrated in The Castle Moat.

Lady Slither:

Pre-Sale Date: September

Notes from the Team: Lady Slither will have an elegant slipcover wrapped in snake scales with a bronze patina finished medallion of Lady Slither’s face (our nod to Medusa’s head on Athena’s shield). On the top of the slipcover, we have a bronze crest of the Snake Men logo. The back has a character writeup of Lady Slither inside a bronzed serpent frame. The front of the box features Lady Slither commanding her troops Fang-Or, Vypor, Stretch Neck and Raptilax (from the vintage mini comics) into battle. On the cardback we have Lady Slither in her human form (featuring her interchangeable human legs) sitting on her throne inside her Snake Lair. To the left of Lady Slither is High Priest Pythonus, a character also designed by Axel, and to the right of Lady Slither is the red Snake Man fans will recognize from Kol- Darr’s cardback art.

These are reference images only. No images of the Mattel Creations offerings are released.