Hasbro Transformers Collaborative Jurassic Park x Dilophocon & Autobot JP12 Figure Set Pre-Orders

Hasbro’s Transformers Collaborative line continues with their Jurassic Park x Toys Dilophocon & Autobot JP12 Figure Set that pays tribute to the 1993 film. The scene in particular when Dennis Nedry is killed by the Dilophosaurus. The set is up for pre-order no at Amazon for $74.99, and you can grab the set by clicking HERE! This is expected to ship October 1st, 2023.

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The worlds of Transformers robots and Jurassic Park collide with the Jurassic Park x Transformers Dilophocon and Autobot JP12 mash-up pack! The iconic Dilophosaurus and Jeep Wrangler Sahara from the Jurassic Park movie are now Transformers robots! Each figure converts from robot mode to movie-inspired alt mode and features screen-accurate deco and details. Remove the Dilophocon figure’s tail and attach as a blaster accessory. This 2-pack comes with an additional blaster for the Autobot JP12 figure, and movie-inspired accessories including a shaving cream canister, embryo containment unit, rain hat, and venom blast effect.