JoeFest 2023 – 3D Joes Presents Operation: Recall 3 3/4″ Figures`Panel Coverage


JoeFest took place over the weekend in Augusta, GA, and 3D Joes was on-hand showing off their Operation: Recall 3 3/4″ modern o-ring style action figures, with a panel that you can check out above in the video, and a full display and progress of the line following the extremely successful Kickstarter. campaign.

Carson sent along a recap of the panel:

We’ve finished all figure designs, completed all engineering drawings (figures and accessories), begun sculpting the first seven figures, showed off prototype accessories for the first six figures, we’ve laid out packaging for all figures, we’re getting into package art as soon as we’re done with color studies. We premiered the paint master for Midnight Ops Retelo, and a trading card set that showed package layouts and final line art for all figures.

Below, are images from the showroom that Carson had sent along for publication. It’s not too late to order your figures, and you can place an order through Backerkit for all the figures by clicking HERE!

Group shot of the team:

Larry Hama (G.I. Joe Comic Book writer) and Carson