Mattel SDCC 2023 Exclusive – Masters of the Universe: Revelation Motherboard 12″ Figure Review



Mattel is offering the first 12″ figure to their Masters of the Universe: Revelation line at this years San Diego Comic-Con, which is none other than Motherboard, as seen in the Netflix series. Motherboard is a brand new character that was introduced in this series, and is affiliated with the Evil Horde. In the series, Tri-Klops became the leader of the cult of Motherboard after almost alll magic left Eternia and He-Man and Skeletor were thought to have been killed, he used one of the last remaining magic items left on the planet to perform the ritual miracles of Motherboard. Motherboard’s form makes her debut in the upcoming season, and this figure is inspired of her true form.

If you are attending San Diego Comic-Con, you can purchase Motherboard and the rest of the exclusives at the Mattel booth. If not, make sure to visit Mattel Creations on July 21, 2023 at 9 AM PST to purchase. Motherboard is priced at $65 USD.

Along with the figure, Mattel also sent along a poster of Motherboard, signed by the show runner Kevin Smith. This won’t be available to purchase and was a bonus sent to press.

Thank you to Mattel for sending along their SDCC 2023 Exclusive – Masters of the Universe: Revelation Motherboard Figure for review. 

About Motherboard:

Standing at 12 inches tall, Motherboard is designed with 30 points of articulation and authentic details. The caped cult leader in her “true form” makes a remarkable statement with multi-feathered wings that expand to 24 inches wide. The team is proud to present the first 12” scale Masterverse figure.

Availability: July 2023 – San Diego Comic-Con; Mattel Creations

Motherboard comes packaged in a brown shipping box, with the Mattel Creations logo, and the Cue Dramatic Box Opening Box on the top. Another brown box is inside, with the Evil Horde logo on top, and artwork of Motherboard on all sides. Inside that box, we have an in-color package with Motherboard’s bird form that we’ve seen in the series, which is the statue that Tri-Klops was worshipping. This part of the box includes in-color images of Motherboards bird-form on all sides, including the top. This box opens in the front, and now you see her in her true form, and she is packaged in a plastic tray. The sides of this open box showcase creatures that almost look like statues up on top, with nicely done artwork around it. The center focuses on what appears to be a cave as you can see rocks around the top and bottom of the front, and beyond it is showcasing another planet with rock formations, with space above it and additional planets in the background. The bottom of the packaging includes a base, where the acrylic base is stored and can be removed.

Motherboard stands at 12″ and inspired from her appearance in the upcoming new season of Masters of the Universe: Revelation. She looks to be a magical creature with large articulated wings, and a head sculpt that has an eagle shaped helmet, and the overall look and vibe you get from this figure is none other than the Sorceress herself. Her body comes in a light blue tone, with teal trim on the body, inside the palm of the hands, and part os the chest armour. She is also primarily painted in blue, teal and purple on the wings, black, a metallic pink helmet with purple, a face that has the same light blue as the rest of the bottom, white eyes, yellow lops and dark purple, and the chest armor also has these same colors, with a yellow upside down triangle. Around her neck are feathers, which are some of the bird features that remain after she transforms from her bird form, Screeech.

The wings can expand so she can fly, and on back of the wings they are painted in a darker purple and reddish/purple. The back piece is painted in black, teal, purple and metallic silver, which makes it looked like metal components. The clothed cape is also purple, with teal lines. Underneath the cape are these black rubbery parts that are connected to the top of the wings, with three white parts on each one.

Motherboard includes an extra set of open grip interchangeable hands, an acrylic stand and base that supports her size and allows her to stand.

She is also fully articulated, and includes swivel-hinged joints wings x2, ball jointed neck, ball jointed torso, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ball jointed hips, swivel-hinged knees, hinged and rocker ankles.

Here’s a comparison with Tri-Klops and Trap Jaw in their Cult of Motherboard outfits as seen in the series. As you can see, she towers over the 7″ scale figures as she should.

Overall, Motherboard makes her debut figure at this years San Diego Comic-Con, and fans are surely going to want to add her to their collection. The figure looks amazing, and she is an essential piece to the Revelation collection, especially with the upcoming season. Make sure to pick her up at San Diego Comic-Con or Mattel Creations.


Mattel Creations -July 21, 2023 at 9 AM PST