Mattel – Masters of the Universe Masterverse Vykron Figure Review


Vykron makes his debut in Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Masterverse line and is based on the original prototype toy that pre-dates He-Man himself. The original prototype was called the ‘He-Man Trio’ that had three interchangeable outfits, including a barbarian, a spaceman, and a tank-headed soldier. Vykron is listed as in-stock now at Mattel Creations for $35 USD.

Thank you to Mattel for sending along their Masters of the Universe Masterverse Vykron Figure for review.

Availability: July 2023

Vykron ships in a brown shipping box, with the words “Cue Dramatic Box Opening Music on the top.” Inside, he comes in a box with beautifully done artwork on all sides, with the Masterverse logo on top. This box lifts up to reveal the figure inside, with a description of Vykron on the side. Vykron and some of the accessories are  attached with twist ties to the cardboard backing, and below him is a black box where additional accessories are stored.


Vykron makes his debut in the Masterverse line that has already seen many great releases this year. Vykron was designed with three unique outfits and weaponry and this figure depicts each of those likenesses nicely. The Barbarian armor depicts his fierceness and strength and has the most likeness to He-Man himself. He comes with a grey helmet with a red circle in the front, a brown harness with a slot to store the axe in the back, as well as a fur cape, grey bracelets, grey belt, brown lion cloth, brown boots with white cuffs on top, which are underneath the grey shin guards. HIs battle axe is newly sculpted and can be placed in either one of the open grip hands, or on the harness on his back.

This outfit is going to be the most recognizable among fans and collectors, given that the other two use armor and abilities that other Masters of the Universe don’t have, this barbarian outfit fits in best with the overall vibe of the brand.

He comes with two additional sets of armor meant for the other two designs, along with an extra set of closed fisted hands, a battle ram for the tank armor and a blaster for the space armor.


The Eagle Tank armor is his most formidable form, and his head, chest, and parts of the arms and lower legs are covered and protected. The helmet includes a hinged jaw, and pivoting blasters on the sides. This also fits over the barbarian head, and you can see his face through the opening in the front. The shoulder guards are individual pieces that are pushed through the sides of the armor, and the gauntlets slide through the arms by removing the hands, and shin guards have pegs in the back that push through. The armor is primarily green, with grey blasters on the sides of the moment, and shoulder guards. The battering ram includes two handles and is cast in grey plastic, with a face on the end.


The space suit is the flight suit and comes with helmeted head sculpt, with chest armor connected to the breaching tube. The jetpack connects to the back of the armor and is grey and translucent clear wings. This outfit also includes gauntlets placed on the arms, and in this form the armor is painted in metallic grey, light grey,  orange and white, along with the lion cloth and boots. The blaster can be placed in either of the open grip hands, and is in orange and grey.

Vykron is fully articulated, and includes a ball jointed head, ball hinged shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ball jointed torso, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, swivel boots, hinged and rocker ankles.

Overall, Vykron is surely a welcome addition to the line and this is a character that you only saw once before in Masters of the Universe Classics, so getting him in Masterverse was a great character choice. Make sure to buy 3 to display him in all three forms, as this is a fun addition to the collection.


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