BigBadToyStore x Fresh Monkey Fiction Operation: Monster Force The Donner Party & Sleepwalker Aerial Assault Trooper Figure Pre-Orders


BigBadToyStore, via BigBadWorkShop, x Fresh Monkey Fiction are offering some new Operation: Monster Force, figures, including The Donner Party & Sleepwalker Aerial Assault Trooper. Each figure is priced at $36.99 and expected to ship 3rd Quarter 2024. You can grab these now by clicking HERE!

Operation Monster Force The Donner Party 1/12 Scale Figure

In the mid-1840’s, half of the Donner Party died under horrific circumstances when they were snowed into the Sierra Nevadas on their way to California. Starvation, frostbite, infection and murder all led to numerous bodies preserved in the cold and used as food for those still alive. When the survivors were finally rescued, the dead were left behind.

In the cold silence of winter, one man, having heard of the terrifying ordeal, immediately made his way to the site of the gruesome scene. That man was a scientist and surgeon whose name is lost to history but was known in dark corners as “The Devil’s Caretaker.” There, he stitched together the remains of the half-eaten dead, and through unknown methods, breathed life into the frostbitten patchwork body.

For almost two centuries, that makeshift corpse has wandered the shadows of California, drawn to the descendants of its relatives, watching them from the shadows, hiding in basements and attics, and secretly protecting anyone who troubles those descendants.

When the villainous Forgotten King kidnapped the only four women in the world with purple eyes, one of them was Isola Donner. Compelled from beyond the grave to get her back, the man who calls himself “The Donner Party,” has joined us against the Forgotten King. As The Donner Party has a supernatural talent for tracking his descendants, he may just be Operation Monster Force’s best chance of finding the Forgotten King’s hidden base of operations.

Operation: Monster Force Sleepwalker Aerial Assault Trooper 1/12 Scale Figure

The Sleepwalkers are Dr Caligari’s personal army, and now operate at the behest of the Forgotten King.Each soldier is equipped with a respirator which pumps a regulated supply of Dr. Caligari’s “Xeiss Sleeping Agent” , keeping them in a somnambulistic state. They are still alive, but In essence, they are walking and fighting in a dream state. As long as his soldiers are breathing it, they feel no pain and follow his orders without question.

In addition, the Xeiss Gas powers the Sleepwalkers’ ballistic armament – including jetpacks and an arsenal of specialized beam weapons.

The Kiloworg were once soldiers of fortune, kidnapped by Dr. Tannis Rand, and subjected to the Salve of the Beast – an ancient ointment used to create the first werewolf. It has made them into devastating killing machines. A single Kiloworg in its werewolf state is more than a match one-on-one with any member of Monster Force’s Delta Red. On the night of a full moon, they may even be capable of defeating Dracula himself.