Super7 Universal Monsters Ultimates – The Metaluna Mutant (Blue Glow) & Count Orlok (In-Color) Figure Pre-Orders

Super7 announced and pre-orders of their upcoming Universal Monsters Ultimates! The Metaluna Mutant (Blue Glow Version) and Count Orlok  (In-Color Version) figures are available now. Each figure is priced at $54.99 and expected to ship in February 2024. Pre-Orders are available at BigBadToyStore and coming up soon on Entertainment Earth and Sideshow Collectibles.

Entertainment Earth is offering Free USA Shipping on all orders of $79+, including 10% in-stock items. Use this LINK and start shopping.

Universal Monsters Ultimates! The Metaluna Mutant (Blue Glow Ver.)

It looks like the failing ionization layer of its home planet has imbued this Metaluna Mutant with an otherworldly glow! This highly articulated, 7” scale Metaluna Mutant ULTIMATES! Figure is constructed of a glow-in-the-dark material, features intricate sculpting and premium paint detail, and comes with an interchangeable head and extra pair of hands! The new glow-in-the-dark Metaluna Mutant ULTIMATES!, in all its veiny glory, can now haunt your collection day or night!

Nosferatu Ultimates! Count Orlok (Full Color Ver.)

It doesn’t seem possible, but seeing the full-color version of Count Orlok, rather than the black and white visage from the vintage Nosferatu movie, paints him in an even creepier, more macabre light! This highly articulated, 7” scale Count Orlok ULTIMATES! Figure features intricate sculpting and premium full-color paint detail, interchangeable heads and hands, and key ring and rat accessories. For over a century he’s skulked around classic horror movie fans’ dreams in grayscale. Now, thanks to the new full-color ULTIMATES! Figure, Count Orlok can haunt their collections in living…er…”undead” color for years to come!