Power-Con 2023 – Four Horsemen Studios Panel Coverage

The Four Horsemen’s big 3 were present at this years Power-Con panel. This includes Eric, Eric “Cornboy” and Jim, with Jeremy at the microphone.

Cosmic Legions figures can be found at BigBadToyStore.

Mythic Legions brought new fans and collectors to the company. It started slow as SDCC didn’t have lines for them the years they sold figures at the show. Later Mythic Legions just blew up. Now with Cosmic Legions, it has doubled in size since last years Power-Con.

Cosmic Legions was originally a working title. Another name they considered was Galactic Legions.

The T.U.5.C.C. was one of the first figures that they showed off. Cosmic Legions: Hvalkatar Book One launched at Power-Con in September 2021. At the show, they did a video from Eric’s hotel room showcasing the prototypes.

Cosmic Legions: Hvalkatar Book Two – April 2022

Cosmic Legions: Outpost Zaxxius – April 2023

Cosmic Legions: Oxkrewe: Book One – They survive their crashed ship. Will be premiering tonight at 9pm EST.


Any plans for Cosmic Legions comic books, or a larger media tie-ins for the story?

4H wants to do this but remains to be seen. Jeremy is working on a book for Mythic Legions. They get asked a lot for Mythic Legions and Cosmic Legions. Looking for a comic book publisher and if the opportunity presents itself.

Cosmic Legions: Oxkrewe: Book One Figure Preview

Thraxxian Scout – 1st Figure shown. Check back tonight at the 4H Youtube channel at 9pm EST.