Fresh Monkey Fiction – Operation: Monster Force Doctor Caligari 1/12 Scale Figure Pre-Orders


BigBadToyStore and Fresh Monkey Fiction are offering pre-orders of their upcoming Doctor Caligari 1/12 Scale Figure, which is priced at $36.99 and expected to ship 3rd Quarter 2024. You can grab these now by clicking HERE!

BigBadWorkshop and Fresh Monkey Fiction present Operation: Monster Force!

When we observed a soldier whose head was just a brain in a jar, it seemed like yet another random horror among the Forgotten King’s army. But it was Mr. Legacy who somehow recognized the identity of the brain and identified him as Doctor Caligari. It would seem that Caligari was a rival of Mr. Legacy in the last century, the two engaging in a long war of wits and arcane maneuvers.

When he still had a body, Dr. Caligari was a genius in the study of dreams and somnambulistic suggestion. He was hired by the rich and powerful to help them sleep, turning them into his sleep-walking puppets once they drifted off. Several strange decrees from rulers and unexpected wars were attributed to Doctor Caligari before he disappeared.

How he became just a brain in a jar is a mystery. More of a mystery is how he’s able to survive and power a body in such a state. What we do know however, is that he commands a vast army of Sleepwalker soldiers and now operates at the behest of the Forgotten King.