Skelebration: Mattel – Masters of the Universe Figures Revealed


Mattel has announced and sent us some new images and details of their Masters of the Universe: Origins and Masterverse figures that are planned for Spring 2024. A larger image is below, as well as a press release with information from the brand team.

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  • He-Man
  • Skeletor
  • Beast Man
  • Man-At-Arms
  • Teela
  • Trap Jaw
  • Lord Gr’Asp
  • Terroar
  • Stranger Things Skeletor & Demogorgon
  • Necro-Cona


  • Revolution Sorceress Teela
  • Revolution Skeletor
  • New Eternia Trap Jaw
  • New Eternia Man-At-Arms
  • Revolution Battle Armor He-Man
  • New Eternia Meckaneck
  • New Eternia Sri-Klops
  • Grildor & Orko
  • Evil-Lyn

Exclusive Upcoming Release Information Item Number and Name: HYD16

Masters of the Universe Origins:

Cartoon Collection

2024 product begins shipping to retailers as of November 1st, 2023

Product Info:

  • 16 points of articulation in 5.5” scale
  • Form factor and musculature updated to better reflect 1980s animation design
  • Each figure comes with brand new accessory referencing specific episodes
  • Includes mini comic that recreates classic moments
  • Comes in refreshed Origins packaging paying homage to the 1980s TV show

Notes from the Team:

With Filmation 80s cartoons as our inspiration, in 2024 we introduce the CARTOON COLLECTION and bring back MOTU characters in their original content based looks. Character bodies have been updated to better represent their inspirations – straighter legs to stand upright and rounded shoulders/updated torso muscles so the musculature of the figure is more proportionate.

Each figure now comes with a brand new accessory straight from 80’s animated content, while the back of package artwork recreates specific scenes from those favorite episodes. Cartoon Collection figures are still compatible with existing Origins figures to continue that swappable mix & match play.

We are also updating our wave cadence in 2024, so in addition to 2 new Cartoon Collection characters in each wave, we will also have 1 Fan – Favorite reissue per wave to give everyone a second opportunity to fill those gaps in their collections. Fans can also expect more waves this year than in years previous.

In addition to mainline offerings, we are releasing several fun exclusives you can find at the below retailers. At Target we’re partnering with the Stranger Things crew to unveil a killer collaboration straight from the upside down – Skeletor and the Demogorgon! Completionists will also be able to find previous fan – desired characters we’re bringing back like Trap Jaw and King Randor. And lastly more Snake Men are joining the fray at Walmart, including a character many eagle – eyed fans may recognize from packaging – the Necro-Conda!

Retailer Exclusives:

  • Specialty Stores: Fan Favorites – King Randor, Ninjor, Webstor, Trap Jaw
  • Walmart: Snake Men Lord Gra’sp, Terroar, Necro-Condo
  • Target: Skeletor x Demogorgon 2-Pack

Masters of the Universe Masterverse
Availability: 2024 product begins shipping to retailers as of November 1st, 2023

Product Info:

  • 30+ points of articulation in 7” scale
  • New characters straight from upcoming Netflix Revolution content, New Eternia, and 1987 Live Action MOTU movie
  • Brand new collector – friendly packaging now celebrates MOTU character art on front cover and
    includes premium accessory kit

Notes from the Team:

In Masterverse we aim to deliver premium sculpt, deco, and hyperarticulated figures. With an upcoming season of content dropping, this segment will heavily feature brand new Netflix

Revolution character looks in addition to other sources of inspiration from our rich history like New Eternia, the 1987 live action He-
Man Movie, mini-comics, concept art, and more

Beyond new character offerings, we are making meaningful updates to our packaging to bring more dynamic, story driven artwork to front of package
Fans will still get a great read of the figure (head to knee) within the window packaging, however, as well as new accessory cases and collector friendly openings to play and then display as desired.

Retailer Exclusives:

  • Specialty Stores: Revolution Orko & Gwildor 2-Pack, Live Action Movie Evil