NYCC 2023: Super7 – G.I. Joe & More


Disclosure: I am not a massive GI Joe fan who has religiously watched every episode of the animated show 40+ times who can quote lines at will. All the same, I had the 3.75” figures and some play sets growing up and the property still holds a place in my heart. As such, I can appreciate the effort Super7 has put into create some truly amazing GI Joe product over the last few years. After successful large scale crowdfunded items for ThunderCats, such as the ThunderTank and the Cats’ Lair, Super7 is turning to crowdfunding for their largest GI Joe Project yet, the Cobra Mothership. And, to celebrate the beginning of their campaign, they held a panel at NYCC all about this massive, and truly unique item.

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Here are the highlights from this panel.

  • The Cobra Mothership is the 2nd largest GI Joe vehicle ever
  • It is $495, with $100 flat rate shipping
  • The backing campaign ends on December 11
  • 4000 backers are needed for it to go into production
  • There are four tiers of funding: 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7,000 backers
  • The will be including 2 figures with the base offering, one reaction style and one O-Ring style
  • The Early bird bonus is 2 figures with cloth parachutes
  • There is also an add-on 5 pack available only during the pre-order period
  • Ultimates Wave 3 ships in Dec., Wave 4 ships in Mar., and Wave 5 is up for pre-order now
  • Emily from Hasbro confirmed that Alpine will be joining the Classified line

After the main panel, they held a Q&A. Here are some notes from it.

  • Their focus is on making reaction style figures, not O-Ring style
  • Since they have been asked repeatedly, they will be engineering some kind of mounting system for the Mothership.
  • The figures that come with the Mothership will be exclusive to it.
  • The Viper Gunner could be made in Ultimate style in the future
  • There will be no O-Ring figures outside of the Mothership for the foreseeable future

Here are the slides shown at the panel

The panel had me really impressed by the Mothership, so I had to see it in person. So, I headed down to their booth to do just that. Oh My God, I was completely unprepared for how large and how impressive it is in person. Any GI Joe fan who can afford to add this to their collection should. It is an amazing piece of design and engineering. I took a ton of images which you will see below, and while I as there, I noticed all this other stuff in the booth besides the Mothership, so I took pictures of all that stuff too. Enjoy!