Fresh Monkey Fiction – Operation: Monster Force Halloween Boy 1/12 Scale Figure Pre-Orders


BigBadToyStore and Fresh Monkey Fiction are offering pre-orders of their upcoming Operation: Monster Force Halloween Boy 1/12 Scale Figure, which is priced at $36.99 and expected to ship 4th Quarter 2024. You can grab these now by clicking HERE!

The Forgotten King has returned. Once a sorcerer pharaoh whose reign was so vile his name was erased from Egyptian history, the Forgotten King pursues a sinister agenda, gathering mystical artifacts from around the world for some unknown purpose. Every soldier sent to stop him is killed and re-animated into an undead zombie that is under the Forgotten King’s command.

Worried the Forgotten King’s rein of terror will not be able to be stopped, the military enlists the help of monster hunter Declan Van Helsing. Seeing no other option, Declan goes against the Van Helsing family’s wishes and opens Tomb 13, freeing the worlds most powerful vampire…Count Dracula. His rationale – it may take a monster to bring down a monster.

And so, Operation: Monster Force is formed! Under Dracula’s direction, a unique vampire strike unit is created called “Delta Red,” whose undead condition makes them immune to the Forgotten King’s powers.

It’s a race against time for Dracula and Van Helsing to discover the Forgotten King’s hidden lair and destroy him before his mysterious plan reaches completion.

Each 1:12th Operation: Monster Force action figure includes over 20 points-of-articulation and includes accessories such as: alternate portraits, interchangeable hands, plus an Operation: Monster Force gravestone base for easy posing and display.

Halloween Boy is the world’s greatest archaeologist-for-hire, super-scientist, and warlock. Raised by machines on a floating skull-shaped island in low-orbit, the man known as The Demon Who Lives has dedicated his life to helping individuals in impossible situations. Some have said he’s a traveler from another time, or an adventurer from a parallel world, no one knows his origins for sure. What can be confirmed is that Halloween Boy’s mastery over the powers of darkness are only rivaled by his steadfast convictions.

Unbeknownst to him, Halloween Boy is the 666th descendant of a despotic cabal of inter-planetary cultists named The Midnight Legion. Hades Island, the place he currently calls home, was once the central command base for their brutal and totalitarian efforts.

Since learning of The Forgotten King’s resurgence, Halloween Boy has been working as a Special Operative for Declan Van Helsing. Halloween Boy’s involvement in this organization is not purely altruistic, however. While he is committed to helping Declan Van Helsing thwart the Forgotten King’s plans, he is also scheming to kill Count Dracula, at his first opportunity…