Creative Beast Studio – Triceratops Horridus ‘Steelhorn’ – 1/18th Scale Figure Review


Creative Beast Studio just completed another very successful kickstarter campaign raising over $609K for their Cyberzoic Sci-Fi action figures and dinosaur figures, and this was an incredible accomplishment. If you took part and backed that campaign, you’re in for some excitement when that order gets fulfilled.

This Triceratops figure however is part of their Beasts of the Mesozoic line, and is a limited edition figure with 1,000 pieces made. This Triceratops figure is notably a homage to the Masters of the Universe character Binoatops, which is a dinosaur that was summoned by the Sorceress He-Man to ride. This Triceratops dinosaur figure should be on the radar of fans that want to fill-in some gaps in their collection, as the character has not been offered (officially) since 1987, so this new release that Creative Beast Studio is offering is something special fans will want to own.

You can find him at the official Creative Beast Studio store, and make sure to use coupon code: MESOSAVER10 for 10% off your order!

Thank you to Creative Beast Studio for sending along their Triceratops Horridus ‘Steelhorn’ – 1/18th Scale Figure for review. 

Availability: 2022-current

The Triceratops Horridus ‘Steelhorn’ figure is packaged in a window box, with beautifully done artwork by the extremely talented Nate Baertsch. This includes images of the character on the front, sides and back. On the top and bottom are instructions stating that the horns are interchangeable, and he has 20 points of articulation. Inside the box is a sheet of instructions and a file card. The instructions specify to dip the tail into hot water, or use a hair dryer before placing it on the ball joint. You’re also going to want to use the hair dryer to loosen up the joints before moving them.

The Triceratops is a repaint from the line, and is a bulky, heavy dinosaur figure that measures 18″ long, with some great quality and attention to detail capturing the likeness of this prehistoric creature. the body is completely sculpted in textures on the skin, with premium deco in several shades of green and black giving him definition.

The head sculpt feature the three horns, and is given some metallic deco in light and green deco, with a hinged jaw that shoes the tongue. The top of the head, and down the center in a lighter green, with other parts given a darker shade.

He comes with interchangeable steel horns, which are painted in a metallic silver.

The Triceratops is also fully articulated, including a ball jointed neck x2, hinged jaw, ball jointed torso, ball jointed tail, ball jointed hips, things, knees and ankles.

This Triceratops figure pays tribute to the Masters of the Universe character Binoatops, which was a figure released by Mattel in the line back in 1987, and used recently in mini-comics in Masters of the Universe Classics and Masters of the Universe: Origins.

The Triceratops is best compatible with Masters of the Universe: Origins, and He-Man can be seated on top as you may recall from the mini-comics. While these are different scales, that doesn’t matter as He-Man and Battle Cat were also not to scale with other in the vintage line.

Overall, the Triceratops is an excellent figure with superior deco, interchangeable horns and attention to detail that fans are surely going to love. The homage to Binoatops is obviously the key selling point, and this may be your only opportunity to own a modern-day offering as an official release is no where in sight. He is limited to 1,000 pieces, so only a small number of fans will own him.


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