Super7 Silverhawks Mon*Star Transformation Chamber Throne Now $29

As part of Entertainment Earth’s Cyber Week 2023 sale, they are offering Super7’s Silverhawks Mon*Star Transformation Chamber Throne for $29.30, down from $44.99. Our readers should be aware by now that they get an extra 10% off just by using our hyperlinks (discount applied in the cart), which will bring this price down to $26.37. Free US Shipping on orders of $79 or more (discount also applied in the cart by using our links), and you can get the throne now by clicking HERE!

The sale also includes savings on additional Silverhawks Ultimates figures, and this throne is also compatible with other figures, from other brands, so you can just buy the throne and use it for anything!

“Moonstar of Limbo, give me the might, the muscle, the menace, of Mon*Star!” When Mon*Star transforms into his mighty armored state he becomes truly frightful, but without the Transformation Chamber Throne to enable the metamorphosis, reciting the triggering incantation might Just make him come across as another boastful despot with a penchant for alliteration. The SilverHawks ULTIMATES! Transformation Chamber Throne is highly detailed and is an imposing 8-inches tall and 9-inches wide, and deep enough to allow an ULTIMATES!-sized figure to sit in it proudly. Seize your opportunity to get the ULTIMATES! Mon*Star’s Transformation Chamber Throne before it returns to the Limbo Galaxy!