Nightmare Studio – Barbarian Berserker 1/12 Scale Figure Pre-Orders


A new company, Nightmare Studio, is offering their Barbarian Berserker 1/12 Scale Figure, and pre-orders are available now at BigBadToyStore for $104.99. This 6″ figure should be compatible with other brands and licenses in this scale, and is expected to ship in April 2024. You can reserve yours now and place your pre-order by clicking HERE!

Demons tore the barrier that guarded the world, killing all the creatures on earth. The brave barbarian tribe took the lead in blowing the horn of counterattack. They will always appear in the front line of the battlefield. The elite berserker with knives in both hands, accompanied by the shaking of the war drums, struggles to resist the invasion of the demon army. The earth, once protected by the gods, is now devastated, but the fearless barbarian berserkers will not back down. They will only hear the roar of the earth and the cry of fear of the devil…