Super7 ThunderCats Tygra (Invisible), Mumm-Ra (Glow), Ghost Jaga & Hook Mountain Lion-O ReAction Figures Review


Super7 is offering a new wave of ThunderCats ReAction figures, and includes Tygra (Invisible form), Mumm-Ra The Ever Living (Glow-in-the-Dark), Ghost Jaga, and Hook Mountain Lion-O. These figures are inspired from action figures that were released in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, such as Kenner Star Wars, with five points of articulation. They also pay homage to the 1985 ThunderCats animated series, and are all repaints from their previous offerings.

Super7 is offering the set for $80, or individually at $20 each. You can grab these now by clicking HERE!

Thank you to Super7 for sending along their ThunderCats Tygra (Invisible), Mumm-Ra The Ever Living (Glow), Ghost Jaga & Hook Mountain Lion-O ReAction Figures for review. 

Availability: December 2023

Each figure is packaged on the standard ReAction figure blister card, with retro inspired artwork of each character on the front, ThunderCats logo on top, and images of figures on the back.

This wave was ultimately a surprise when it was first announced as Super7 has yet to release some characters that most have already been offered in Ultimates! This wave also gives you some much needed vacations of these characters, that have also been released in Ultimates. Ghost Jaga offering in Ultimates was a limited edition exclusive that was available exclusively at Super7. GITD Mumm-Ra has yet to be offered in Ultimates!  Hook Mountain Lion-O was Super7’s SDCC 2022 exclusive, and Tygra (Invisible) is a BigBadToyStore exclusive.

This is the first-time these are offered outside of Ultimates!, so getting them in ReAction and not as exclusives is certainly easier and a treat for fans.


Hook Mountain Lion-O features has a thermochromic paint that changes his skin tone from frosty blue to his regular, warmer skin tone. He is also painted in red hair, grey outfit, a blue belt with the ThunderCats logo belt buckle, and blue boots. He includes his Claw Shield and Sword of Omens (short and long).

The color change feature works by placing him outside where the paint is exposed to UV (Ultraviolet Rays) and will change color almost instantly. Make sure to stand him up so both the front and back are exposed. To change him back, put him in a dark place!

Mumm-Ra has a glow-in-the-dark feature that allows him to glow when the lights go out (my camera has trouble focusing on this feature, so apologies for not showing it). Mumm-Ra comes in his black cape, red and black logo on his chest, gold bracelets and armor, and white bandages. The head sculpt has the snake helmet, with the black and gold deco, and he also has red glaring eyes. Included are his sword and dagger.

Tygra comes in translucent plastic, and this version pays homage to his invisible form as seen in the cartoon. The figure is all transparent plastic, and he includes a clear Bolo Whip.

Ghost Jaga also comes in translucent plastic, that is blue, translucent blue cape, clear boots, a red ThunderCats logo, with a dark blue helmet and a white beard. He includes the sword of Omens.

Each figure has 5 points of articulation, including a swivel neck, swivel shoulders, and swivel hips.

Overall, these are certainly must-haves for all ThunderCats fans. The paint applications are superb, attention to detail and overall character likeness looks great. While these are stylized with limited articulation, these are based on a certain time that saw figures like this, so anyone that grew up during the 70’s and early 80’s would definitely recall this style and would appreciate it today. Also for new collectors, also would recommend you getting your hands on these as getting ThunderCats figures these days are few and far between.


Super7, Entertainment Earth, and BigBadToyStore

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