FanHome Optimus Prime Build Up Model – Subscription Box #1 (Stages 1 & 2) Review

Rob Hull here for ToyHypeUSA. Today, I’m beginning a series of reviews showcasing FanHome’s build up model of Optimus Prime from the Transformers movie series. This post will cover Box 1, which contains the parts for stages 1 and 2.


FanHome is a company specializing in “part works” model kits. When you subscribe to one of their kits, you get a box every month that contains a certain number of stages of the model. You build the model gradually using the parts for each stage. You also get a magazine that contains not just the building instructions, but articles pertaining to the particular model you are building. These articles are well researched and typically feature a great deal of information. The building instructions are presented in a “step-by-step format, featuring both images and text instruction.

Most of the kits contain light and/or sound features which require wires and batteries to activate. All of the screws you need for each stage are included in that stage’s packet, and a screwdriver is included in stage one.

The kits are reasonably priced and the material the models are made out if is fairly good quality, a mixture of abs plastic and die cast metal.

Stage 1 of the Optimus Prime model contains the pieces necessary to build his head. It also includes two LED lights and the batteries to power them. These LEDs make Optimus’ eyes light up blue. The lights are controlled by a switch built into the back of his head.

Stage 2 contains the pieces used to build the right half of Prime’s chest. You will actually get the central torso structure in this kit, but in the first instance of what will become a theme, you will set partially built parts aside for later.

I am really enjoying this experience so far, it feels like LEGO building on steroids. However, I do have a few things to take note of. Some of the plastic is very fragile, so don’t screw into it too hard. Second, pay careful attention to the wiring, making sure the tabs are going in the right slots. Finally, and maybe most importantly, the screws used assemble this model are TINY. Stage 2 had the smallest screw i think I’ve ever seen. Be very careful to make sure you don’t drop any!

like, I said, I’m having a great time with this and I can’t wait to see it come together. Look at the photos, watch the video and if you think you want to give it a try, go to FanHome and get one for yourself.

Next time, I’ll be covering Box 2, which contains stages 3, 4, 5 and 6 and I’ll keep going, as Optimus says “till all are one.”

Thanks to FanHome for providing this model for review.