FanHome Optimus Prime Build Up Model – Subscription Box #2 Review

Hi everyone. Rob Hull here for ToyHype USA and today, I’ll be continuing the Optimus Prime Build Up Model from FanHome.



This time, Ill be covering Box 2, which contains stages 3-6 of the build.

So, this box begins with stage 3, which builds the main housing for, and the back part of, Optimus’ Right Foot.

Up next, we have Stage 4, which builds the front part of Optimus’ Right Foot, including the toes. CAUTION: PAY VERY CLOST ATTENTION TO THE ORIENTATION OF PARTS IN THIS STAGE. The only fit correctly ONE WAY!

Following that, we have Stage 5, which, if I’m completely honest, is kind of boring. You build cap for the top of the foot and a stabilizer, you have to save for later in the build. you do get a cool tire and rim that you also have to save for another step. As luck would have it though, it happens to be the next step.

Which brings us to Stage 6, where you finally assemble the entire wheel, hubcap and all and attach it to a fender. It must then be set aside because it will be mounted, say it with me now, in a later stage of the build.

That does it for Box 2. If you’ve been following the build to this point, this is what we have built

As always, thanks to Fanhome for providing this awesome building experience. If you would like to subscribe to this, or any of Fanhome’s other models, please visit them at Next up, Box 3, featuring Stages 7-10.