McFarlane Toys Batman Classic 1966 Figure Pre-Orders For May 8, 2024

McFarlane Toys Batman Classic 1966 Figure Pre-Orders For May 8, 2024


McFarlane Toys have revealed a new line-up of Batman Classic 1966 figures, which includes Alfred Pennyworth, Bookworm, Nightwing, Wax Robin and Space Batman. Each figure is priced at $19.99 and expected to ship in July 2024. Pre-Orders are available on BigBadToyStore, Entertainment Earth, GameStop and Amazon. Also announced is a new Batmobile with the Joker, which is up on Amazon.

Entertainment Earth is offering Free USA Shipping on all orders of $79+, including 10% in-stock items. Use this LINK and start shopping.

DC Retro Batman 66 - Batmobile with Joker Figure (Gold Label)

Also up for pre-order is the DC Retro Batman 66 – Batmobile with Joker Figure (Gold Label) for $49.99 on Amazon. This ships in July 2024 and you can order now by clicking HERE!


Alfred Pennyworth:

A former British intelligence officer, field medic and trained Shakespearean actor turned butler. Alfred Pennyworth is the most loyal friend and confident of both Bruce Wayne and Batman.


The Bookworm is a professional criminal who specialized in crimes that involved books.


When his circus acrobat family was brutally murdered, Dick Grayson'” was taken in by billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne'”. Bruce shared his secret life as Batman with the young boy and eventually molded him into Robin the Dark Knight’s partner in Gotham City. But as Dick grew older, he struck out on his own, staying true to what he learned as Robin while coming into his own as a respected member of the superhero pantheon


Acrobat Dick Grayson was the youngest member of his parents’ death-defying circus act. But after their cold-blooded murder, Dick vowed revenge. Seeing a genuine piece of himself in the boy. Batman took him in and gave him a better outlet for his anger. Becoming Batman’s protege, Robin is an expert fighter and astounding acrobat with the thoughest example in the world to live up to. But the Boy Wonder’s true strength may lie in not being Batman and providing a beacon of hope and family throughout the Dark Knight’s grim crusade.


Kapow! The debonair millionaire Bruce Wayne may seem like your average cool cat, but you would be wrong! With the flip of a Shakespeare head bust and… to the Batcave! Gotham City is filled with a rogue’s gallery of criminals eager to unmask the Batman, but they are thwarted by the Caped Crusader’s own clever ways.