Hasbro Marvel Legends Guardians Of The Galaxy Groot Evolution Pack Review


I Am Groot!

Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Guardians Of The Galaxy Groot Evolution Pack is available now at Toys “R” Us Stores, and their Guardians of the Galaxy wave 2 series is also currently shipping to stores now. You can purchase this wave from stores including Entertainment Earth, BigBadToyStore and Amazon.com. Toys “R” Us  is offering a special release and exclusive Groot figure that is meant to be part of the second wave, which includes an evolution of the character from potted Groot, baby Groot, and full grown Groot. The potted and baby Groot figures are miniature figures exclusively available in this set.

When we picked this figure up at Toys “R” Us, they received a full shipment of at least 10 figures. That is a good amount of figures, and the downside is the following day they were all sold out. Meaning someone must have purchased all of the Groot exclusives in an attept to resell these and scalp them on eBay.com. Right now, he is going for roughly $38 on eBay, but ToysRUs.com has it listed for $19.99. So don’t overpay when you don’t have too and feed into the scalpers greed.

Availability: March 2017


Hasbro’s newly released Marvel Legends Groot figure comes single packaged for the first-time as opposed to being the waves build-a-figure (from the 2015 Guardians of the Galaxy wave) or included in the Comic Edition 5 pack that was exclusive to Entertainment Earth. This version of Groot is a repaint with a newly tooled head sculpt that includes glowing eyes and a smile.

The newly tooled head sculpt includes beautifully sculpted eyes painted in bronze with a black pupil, and the deco around the eyes is painted in a darker brown than the body. The figures sculpt other than the head is reused, with darker brown and more moss painted on the body compared to the build-a-figure version of the figure with black eyes. The sculpting is nicely done and extremely well detailed and looks like tree bark and vines. The additional moss deco is painted on his stomach, back, arms, legs, feet and head in various places throughout the sculpt. The lower portion of the legs require assembly as they come unassembled in the packaging.

The articulation of the figure remains the same, with a ball jointed head, ball hinge shoulders, ball jointed chest, swivel biceps, double-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, swivel-hinged hips, hinged knees, and swivel ankles/roots.


Groot includes two accessories, a potted miniature version that is sculpted in a dancing pose, and a baby version of himself that is waving with his left hand raised. Both miniature figures are painted with some of the moss deco over the brown, and the baby Groot figure has the bronze eyes as well, which is a great detail to the sculpt and looks like they’re glowing when light hits it. The potted version of Groot is in a white pod with brown soil. Neither figure is articulated, and since they are small, it will be easy to loose these for young children.