Mattel: DC Multiverse 6″ Scale King Shark Collect & Connect Figure Review


Back at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Mattel revealed their upcoming King Shark Connect & Collect figure along with the full line-up of this wave. This includes a variety of television and comic book based figures (as opposed to the much loved DC Universe Classics line that was purely comic based).

This wave includes Batgirl Of Burnside – Batgirl, Jim Gordon Batman (New 52), Zoom (The Flash TV Series), Earth 2 Flash (The Flash TV Series), Hawkman (DC Legends Of Tomorrow), and The Joker (The Dark Knight Returns). Each figure comes with a part to build King Shark, as stated on the back of the packaging as shown below:


King Shark first appeared in DC Comics in Superboy vol. 4 #9 (November 1994), with a brief cameo appearance in  Superboy vol. 4 #0 (October 1994). He is a humanoid shark, and is the son of “The King of All Sharks”—also known as the Shark god.

Availability: March 2017


King Shark is based on his comic book appearance and stands at 9″ tall. He was sulfated by The Four Horsemen that have worked on most of the Collect & Connect and DC figures for Mattel in years past. King Shark is essentially a humanoid shark, and the figure does the likeness justice with a superior figure sculpt and an even better head and mouth sculpting.

His head sculpt is based on the likeness of a shark, with gills on the sides of his neck, a finn on the back of his head and upper back, plus a long head sculpt with small black eyes and tiny nostrils. His mouth is hinged, which opens all the way down and touches the top of his chest, and reveals his sharp teeth tongue, and interiors of a sharks mouth. The sculpting here is truly remarkable and Mattel’s brand team deserves high appraise on their work on this head sculpt. The neck however is not articulation, and it only rests of the body and cannot swivel of move up or down.



His body is humanoid, with a broad chest, arms and legs that are painted in grey with a wash over it. On his chest and back there are scratches and scars he got from previous battles and there is a lot of muscular definition on the sculpt especially on his chest, arms and legs. His forearms and hands have veins giving him definition, and there are also finns on the back of his forearms. He is wearing a pair of jeans that are torn and ripped on his body, and is painted in blue with a white wash over it. His brown belt with gold belt buckle was left intact and has some sculpted lines to give it texture all the way around. The lower portion of his legs are left bare like his arms and chest, with long black toe nails on his feet that match his fingernails.

His articulation includes a hinged mouth, ball-hinged shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged-swivel elbows (with limited range of motion), swivel wrists, ab crunch, swivel waist, hinged-swivel hips, swivel thighs, hinged knees, and hinged ankles.

King Shark is obviously the best Collect & Connect Mattel has offered fans since the end of DC Universe Classics, and after New York ToyFair 2017 with Clayface coming, they have some more great figures on the way.


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