NECA Toys Predator Series 17 Figures – Elder, Serpent Hunter & Youngblood Predator Review


NECA Toys Aliens vs. Predator figures continue with the latest offering of their 17th wave. This wave includes Elder Predator and Youngblood Predator that are based on the very popular 2004 film, and Serpent Hunter is based on the 2010 video game. These figures are highly detailed and comes with a great selection of accessories.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Predator Series 17 Elder, Serpent Hunter and Youngblood Predator figures for review.

Availability: February 2017


Elder Predator is sculpted with some of the parts reused from the highly rated Predator Series 14 Alien vs. Predator 2004 movie figures, and includes a newly tooled head sculpt, fabric cape with real chain, mask and trophy necklace. He features a computer on his left forearm, removable double bladed forearm blades on his right wrist, and a clip on his back to hold an accessory. The belt includes some pounches, and tech used for fighting Aliens, that are non-removable. The body armor on his knees, belt, gauntlets, chest, back, and mask are sculpted with some very nice detailed texture that we also saw from series 14 and later waves. Included are a removable mask and staff.



Youngblood Predator shares the same sculpt with series 15 Temple Guard Predator and features a newly tooled a staff with impaled Xenomorph head, and retooled gauntlets with additional blades. He also features a shoulder mounted cannon, and a blade holster on the right knee. The body armor on his knees, belt, gauntlets, chest, back, and head are sculpted with some very nice detailed texture that we also saw from series 14 and 15. Included are extra trophy’s for his necklace, four blades for the gauntlets, a staff with impaled Xenomorph head, and a sword.

The staff with the Xenomorph head is one of the best accessories to ever come with the Predator line. The staff is a generic spear that has come with previous figures, and the Xenomorph head is torn off with blood and guts hanging off the bottom of the head, which the spear is perched through the head holding it up.


Serpent Hunter Predator (also known as Alien Head Predator) is based on the 2010 video game, and features mostly newly tooled parts including the armor, head sculpt, arms, gauntlets, and lower legs. He features a shoulder mounted cannon, double bladed gauntlets, trophy’s on his necklace, computer on his left gauntlet, and includes a sword, a shrunken and additional hand sculpts. The armor and plastic hanging underneath it are nicely detailed and the bandages with trophies on his biceps looks great. There are also trophies on his right hip attached to a necklace that is sculpted on the plastic shorts. His head sculpt is just magnificent, with the likeness of a Xenomorph as the mask, and great deco on that are just top notch. He also has a necklace around his neck with trophies.

Series 17 is one of the best Predator waves that NECA Toys has ever put out. Elder Predator with the soft goods cape, Youngblood Predator with the Xenomorph spear, and Serpent Hunter with the mask are just incredible looking figures that are surely worth adding to your collection.


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